2006 Midwinter Meeting Highlights

COMMITTEE = Research and Statistics


CHAIRPERSON = Sarah J. Hammill

DATES = January 21, 2006

EMAIL = hammills@fiu.edu

MEMBERS_PRESENT = Members present: Sarah J. Hammill, Janelle M. Hedstrom, Holly L. McCullough, Anne Cooper Moore, Carolyn Radcliff, Ellen Derey Safley, John S. Spencer, Rebecca R. Pressman (at 2nd meeting)

MEMBERS_ABSENT = Members absent:

VISITORS = Visitors:

OBJECTIVES = 1. Select the presenters for the 12th Annual Reference Review Forum by blind-review.

2. Divide up the library journals among members for Reference Research Review Publication.

3. Discuss statistics website.  Decide if changes are needed before putting it up.

SUMMARY = A lengthy interesting discussion pursued over the proposals we received.  It was a tough decision but we decided on our top 3 with a 4th as a back-up.

Additionally, we distributed the journals to be reviewed for the Reference Research Review.  We set a deadline of May 1st for all citations/abstracts to be e-mailed to John.  The publication will focus on research articles on front line reference practitioners.  Annotations will include a sentence or 2 about practical implications of the research.  Additinally, the annotations should mention whether the instrument was included in the article.

Finally, we agreed the statistics website is ready minus the section on "Doing Qualitative Research."  We had 2 volunteers (Janelle and Anne) agree to pull this section together.  We thanked Carolyn for pulling the site together.

EVALUATION = We accomplished all of our set objectives.

PROBLEMS = No problems were encountered.