2005 Annual Meeting Highlights

COMMITTEE = Research and Statistics Committee



DATES = Saturday January 15, 2005

EMAIL = joan@andrew.cmu.edu

MEMBERS_PRESENT = Joan Stein, Kathy Crowe, Janelle Hedstrom, Carolyn Radcliff, Rebecca Jackson, JoAnn Jacoby, Holly McCullough, Melissa Gross, Sarah Hammill

MEMBERS_ABSENT = Members absent: John Spencer

VISITORS = Visitors:

OBJECTIVES = To organize and present the annual Reference Research Forum, to compile the annual Reference Research Review, to finalize the web site of research and statistics sites.

SUMMARY = 1. Welcome & Introductions.

2. Review and Approval of the Agenda.

3. Approval of the Minutes from ALA Annual 2004.  The meeting minutes were approved (Saturday and Sunday minutes were combined).

4. Review submissions and choose papers for the Reference Research Forum.

A. Many of the proposals were eliminated through e-mail prior to meeting.  After a lengthy discussion, 4 proposals were chosen (1 as an alternate).  The proposals selected were:

1. Proposal 5 - Assessment of Student Learning from Reference Service

2. Proposal 10 - Creating the Infrastructure to Connect Digital Reference Services and Researchers: The Digital Reference Electronic Warehouse (DREW) Project

3. Proposal 12 – CSI Cyperspace: A Comparative Case Study Investigation of the untimely Demise of Six Virtual Reference Services

4. Proposal 20 – What’s coming off the Shelves? An Analysis of Reference Sources – ALTERNATE

B. Joan will contact the authors.

5. Committee Membership - Membership terms are ending for Mary Casserly, Joan Stein, Melissa Gross, Kathryn Crowe, and Rebecca Jackson.  The chair will be found by David Tyckoson.  Recruit interested colleagues.

6. Preparation for Forum at Annual.

A. Remember the forum at ALA Annual will be on Saturday from 1:30 – 3:30.
B. The Forum now has a permanent slot in RUSA so we won’t need to find a partner for the forum in the future.
C. Joan will do the flyer.

7. Reference Research Review
A. Mary Casserly has put together the handout in the past.  If she doesn’t do it this time, Rebecca Jackson will. 
B. Titles will be listed first.  The length will not be more than a front and back of one page. 
C. Members will do the journals they have been assigned to in the past.  Joan will e-mail a reminder.
D. Abstracts should include credentials of the author and use of the information to reference practitioners.

8. Web sites
A. March 1st is the deadline for review of sites.
B. JoAnn will put the finished product online.
C. Annotations should include author’s credentials and a succinct statement of what the site is about.  2-5 sentences.
D. Many volunteered to look at the final product.

Second Meeting was canceled.

EVALUATION = The committee accomplished its first 2 objectives and established a timeline for completion of its third objective.