RSS Organization and Planning Committee

This committee is inactive as of March 2013.


To provide leadership and facilitate communication and continuity within the section including assisting with orientations, conducting periodic formal and informal assessments, overseeing and/or conducting policies and procedures updating, and serving in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee.

Specific Duties:

  1. To monitor the organizational structure of the section, advising the Executive Committee on committees and their duties.
  2. To administer the reviews of the Section and to prepare the written report of the review for the Executive Committee.
  3. To conduct formal and informal assessments outside of the official Section review to ensure that the Section is best meeting the needs of its membership.
  4. To assist the Vice Chair in coordinating the RSS Orientation for New Chairs at the Annual conference, and develop documentation to assist RSS Chairs such as timelines, forms, tips, etc.
  5. To be responsible for the "RSS Open House" gathering at the Annual Conference by publicizing the event, serving as host, coordinating with sponsor, etc.
  6. To review the RSS Handbook every year in conjunction with the Annual Conference, and revise it as needed. Substantive changes should be reviewed with the RSS Executive Committee.
  7. To provide outreach and publicity, with the aim of promoting increased membership and retaining existing members in the section.
  8. To build relationships and partnerships with other divisions.
  9. To oversee the consistency of RSS programs and assist committee chairs in the planning and implementation of programs.
  10. To forward the name of a committee member to the Vice-Chair for appointment as RSS Liaison to the New Members Round Table. One member of the committee will be assigned to take responsibility for this activity during his or her tenure.
  11. To monitor the RSS web site to ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date.
  12. To carry out other duties as assigned by the RSS Executive Committee.

Composition (all voting members):

  • Immediate Past Chair (Chair)
  • Liaison to RUSA Organization
  • Liaison to RUSA Membership
  • RSS Scheduler
  • RSS Vice Chair
  • RSS Chair
  • 1 Member-at-Large
  • Archivist
  • Webmaster
  • RSS Review Editor

Current Roster