2005 Midwinter Meeting Highlights

COMMITTEE = Organization and Planning Committee

SECTION = Reference Services

CHAIRPERSON = John C. Hepner

DATES = Saturday, 15 January 2005

EMAIL = jhepner@gte.net

MEMBERS_PRESENT = Members present:John Hepner (Chair), Diana Shonrock, Brett Lear, Paula Contreras, Lisa Horowitz

MEMBERS_ABSENT = Members absent: None

VISITORS = Visitors:Maira Liriano (RSS Chair), Dave Tyckoson (RSS Chair-elect), Cindy Levine (RSS Secretary), Ellen Safley (Liaison from RUSA Organization Committee)

OBJECTIVES = 1) Evaluate the continuation of MOUSS committees and discussion groups and the creation of new committees and discussion groups for RSS.
(2) Update MOUSS Bylaws to reflect change to RSS
(3) Update MOUSS Handbook for RSS
(4) Propose RSS goals for adoption by RSS Executive Committee

SUMMARY = A. OPC Chair presented an update on activities since the 2004 Annual Conference: new roster of committees and discussion groups submitted for ALA Handbook; joint RSS/MARS Virtual Reference Committee created; OPC and RSS Executive Committee members volunteered as mentors for new committees and discussion groups (roster of assignments distributed); RSS Bylaws text changes made and posted to RSS website.
B. The committee discussed RSS committee changes still under consideration: the proposed change in the name for the Cooperative Reference Committee is no longer necessary; the Catalog  Use Committee name and charge changes consideration has been suspended: the possibility of creating a new Electronic Reference Resources Committee instead was discussed; discussion continued about proposed changes to the Library Services to the Spanish-Speaking Committee to broaden its coverage of multicultural and diversity issues as a Multicultural and Diversity Issues in Reference Service Committee; discussed the favorable reception by CODES to RSS co-sponsorship of the Dual Assignments Discussion Group with the broader committee charge recommended by RSS OPC and with co-chairs - one from CODES and one from RSS.
C. The committee discussed 2 bylaws-related issues raised by the RSS Chair: (1) traditionally, the RSS Past-Chair automatically becomes Chair of the Organization and Planning Committee.  Bylaws do not specify duties of officers: this used to be specified in the old MOUSS Handbook.  Diane Shonrock will track down a copy of the Handbook for the OPC to update for posting to the RSS website. (2) MARS voted to eliminate a provision in their bylaws for discussion groups to petition for continuation every 5 years, but the question was raised by the OPC Chair about the ability to make this change because the provision is part of the RUSA bylaws, with which sections must coordinate.  Discussion noted the provision has never been enforced and actually would be unnecessary if sections were required to include discussion groups in their 5-year section reviews.  Diane Safley was asked to bring the issue up with the RUSA Organization Committee.
D. By the 2005 Annual Conference, the OPC will draft revised goals for RSS to be presented to the RSS Executive Committee for adoption.  Email will be used for OPC discussions of the draft.  The Chair distributed a resource document which included the texts the old MOUSS Goals and Objectives, the RUSA Strategic Plan, and the ALA Key Action Areas as well as the Bylaws statement of RSS responsibilities.  The OPC will concentrate initially just on goals statements: if time allows, some objectives may be added. Both the RSS Chair and Chair-elect were asked to submit their suggestions for RSS goals to the committee.

EVALUATION = With only a couple of committees still under review, objective 1 has been accomplished.  Objective 2 has been accomplished. Objectives 3 and 4 will be accomplished by the 2005 ALA Annual Conference.

PROBLEMS = None of significance.