RUSA Reference Services Section RSS Organization and Planning 2008 Midwinter Highlights

COMMITTEE: Organization and Planning Committee


DATES: 01/12/08


MEMBERS PRESENT: Members present: Judy L. Solberg, Barbara Mann, Brett Lear, Sarah Hammill, Cindy Levine

MEMBERS ABSENT: Members absent: Susan Beck, Larayne Dallas, Judy Ann Jerabek, Mary Strow

VISITORS: Visitors: Lisa R. Horowitz

OBJECTIVES: create an archiving process for RSS; create a mentoring process for committee chairs; complete the RSS handbook revision; provide new committee chair orientation at Annual; coordinate an RSS open house at Annual; begin tracking the RSS section review; assist the RSS Executive Committee in the creation of the new RSS award

SUMMARY: We will write a job description for a new RSS archivist position, and we will develop criteria and procedures that describe what will be archived and how. We will begin using the RSS Members-at-Large as mentors for the other RSS committees. We continued to work through the revision of the RSS handbook. We set a deadline of April 1st to complete revisions to the committee chairs orientation. We began planning the RSS open house which will occur at Annual.

EVALUATION: We are on track in all areas.