Reference Services Section RSS 2008 Annual Minutes Organization and Planning Committee

Saturday, June 28, 2008
9-10:30 AM
Sheraton Park , Palm Ballroom
1855 South Harbor Boulevard
Anaheim, CA 92802

Members Present:  Susan J. Beck (Chair); Larayne Dallas, Brett Lear, Barb Mann, Sarah Hammill

Absent: Cindy Levine (transportation problems);  Mary Strow & Judy Ann Jerabek (unable to attend conference) Lianne Luckman ( at another committee meeting in the same room)

Visitors: Lisa Horowitz, Jill Moriearty, Judy Solberg, Joe Thompson

1. Open House @ Annual – Evaluation of the Process

  • Everyone agreed this was a successful open house. 
  • Suggestions for next year included: setting up easels  with a schedule of committee programs and discussion groups to give people of idea of what we were doing at his conference. 
  • Allow groups who were presenting a program or a discussion group to advertise their event. 

2. Committee Chairs orientation @ Annual – Reviewed plans for the Committee Chair Orientation to be held later at the First Executive Board Meeting.

  1. Judy – Introduction, Section 1 & 2
  2. Barb – Section 3 & 4
  3. Brett- Section 5 & 6
  4. Sarah Section 7& 8

Comment: It is the responsibility of the Incoming Chair to organize the  Orientation – Next year Barb will be responsible for this .  That includes assigning sections for presentation and making sure that the  Chairs Orientation Checklist is updated with the help of Organization & Planning Committee.

3. Discussion Group Re-petitioning Schedule and recommendations –

  • We confirmed the schedule of the re-petitioning of the Discussion Groups an excel  spreadsheet was distributed to show the time table for re-petitioning of each group.   The Hot Topics Chair was assigned to complete this re-petitioning at this conferences meeting.  Patrick Oberholtzer did get his discussion group re-petitioned at their meeting. Lisa Horowitz was given the re-petitioning document as chair of RSS.  The next re-petitioning for this Discussion Group will be in  2013. 
  • O&P will be responsible for maintaining the Re-petitioning Chart and will put it on its webpage. 

4. Committee & Discussion Group  Mentoring Process

  • Discussed the division of the Discussion group and Committee mentors among the Three Members at Large. 
  • Discussed   how this would change  each year based on the annual turnover of one member at large.
  • This process should be vetted to the Members at Large to review and evaluate annually.

5. Documents Revision

  1. Handbook – currently in a wiki established by Barb Mann
  2. Committee Chair Orientation Checklist -- wiki established by Barb Mann – Will need some revisions
  3. By-laws

Action Item: Need to continuously review these three documents as part of  Organization and Planning’s Committee Responsibilities

6. Award Naming and Process:

The Committee Reviewed several names for the RSS Award including:

  • Stress Award ( Service to the Ref Services Section )
  • RSS Service Achievement Award (WINNER)
  • The Section’s Best
  • Desk Set Award

Action Items:

  • Larayne Dallas  Will begin the process of writing the description for our new award, which is to honor the service  of one of our  members.  She will use the 
  • MARS Award document as a beginning guide to her writing
  • This will be put up in a wiki for editing, Barb Mann will help and advise with questions about the wiki if needed.
  • Once the Document is completed it will need to be approved by the  RSS Board, sent on to the RUSA Award Committee and then finally approved by the RUSA Board.
  • Following the approval,  a committee will be established  for the selection process

7. Reference Services Section Honor Roll

We will establish a website based on self nomination as a RSS Honor roll – Requirements will be that a member must have served on three RSS Committees Since RSS began in 2004.  Someone needs to be in charge with setting this up – Lisa?

8. Mudge Award – Review RUSA Procedures –

Action Item: Develop Proposal with a justification as to why we would like to take over this award – Lisa Horowitz will take this on as the new Chair of O&P – This will need to go to our Board – we recommend that it be approved via email and then sent  on the RUSA Awards Committee for comments and then sent to the RUSA Board for approval – this must be done soon after the conference to pass through all the bodies to be able to go to the RUSA Board at Midwinter.

9. Section Review – Questions and Plan – we discussed the fact that the section Chair has not yet received notice of the section review.  We do know we are scheduled to have the review in 2009 and the RSS Chair and the O&P Will work on  the necessary documentation ASAP.

10. Archives Update  -  a process is being developed by Barb Mann (in her spare time..)