Reference Services Section RSS 20089 Annual Highlights Organization and Planning Committee

COMMITTEE: RSS Orgainization & Planning

SECTION: Reference Services Section


DATES: June 28, 2008


MEMBERS PRESENT: Susan J. Beck (Chair); Larayne Dallas, Brett Lear, Barb Mann, Sarah Hammill

MEMBERS ABSENT: Members absent:Absent: Cindy Levine (transportation problems); Mary Strow & Judy Ann Jerabek (unable to attend conference) Lianne Luckman ( at another committee meeting in the same room)

VISITORS: Lisa Horowitz, Jill Moriearty, Judy Solberg, Joe Thompson

OBJECTIVES: Discuss Open House Organize Chairs Orientation Discussion Group Re-petitioning Process Mentoring Revision status of various documents including handbook, committee chairs orientation and bylaws Develop new award create RSS Honor Roll Discussed transfer process of Mudge Award Section Review Archives Update

SUMMARY: (summarize discussions, decision reached, follow-up action decided) Open House a success Committee Chair Orientation a Success Implemented Re-petitioning Process for the Hot Topics Discussion Group - a success Created a service award for the section which will be called the RSS Service Achievement Award Created an RSS Honor Roll to honor members who have been on three or more committees since the beginning of RSS in 2004 - this will go on our web page Need to work on annual updates of documents, moved Mudge Award Proposal and RSS Award and Honor Roll forward. Need to focus on the section review and still work on archives issue.

EVALUATION: The committee was very effective and accomplished most of its goals this year. This is a very active and dedicated group of individuals.

PROBLEMS: We did encounter technological problems when trying to establish a wiki using ALA resources -- we circumvented this by using PBwiki for our documents.

RECOMMENDATIONS: We did encounter a problem regarding our section review -- we have not been officially notified of the review yet as of me writing this. I can perceive if we do not get direction soon that we may have to delay the section review perhaps by a year. I understand that this relates to the fact that the committee lacked leadership and I know that that problem has been since rectified. However I can foresee that our section may need additional time for this activity -- maybe not though.