2005 Annual Meeting Highlights

COMMITTEE: Organization and Planning Committee

SECTION: Reference Services


DATES: Saturday, 25 June 2005

EMAIL: jhepner@mail.twu.edu

MEMBERS PRESENT: John C. Hepner (Chair), Diana Shonrock, Brett Lear, Paula Contreras, Lisa Horowitz, Ellen Safley (Representative to the RUSA Organization Committee)


VISITORS: Visitors:Maira Liriano (RSS Chair), Dave Tyckoson (RSS Chair-elect), Cindy Levine (RSS Secretary)

OBJECTIVES: (1) Evaluate the continuation of MOUSS committees and discussion groups and the creation of new committees and discussion groups for RSS. (2) Update MOUSS Bylaws to reflect change to RSS (3) Update MOUSS Handbook for RSS (4) Propose RSS goals for adoption by RSS Executive Committee

SUMMARY:  (1) Discussed the draft revision to the charge of the Catalog Use Committee.  Made a few word-form changes (in consultation with the Catalog Use Committee).  Approved the revised charge for presentation to the RSS Executive Committee for adoption.
(2)  Discussed the revised RSS Handbook. Accepted further changes (officer duties a bulleted lists, Vice-Chair presentation of orientation session for new chairs, distribution of minutes by Secretary, RSS Representative to RUSA Organization Committee as member of RSS Organization and Planning Committee) to be incorporated with currently missing links into a further revised copy of the RSS Handbook to be posted to the RSS website after the 2005 Annual Conference.  Discussed the voting membership of the RSS Executive Committee and the possible creation of an RSS Executive Board, but deferred further consideration and action on this issue to the next OPC.
(3) Discussed the draft of new RSS Goals and Objectives.  Added a new Objective 5 to Goal 1.  Asked the RSS Representative to the RUSA Organization Committee to request a postponement of the next RSS section review (currently scheduled for 2006) to 2007.  Approved the revised Goals and Objectives for presentation to the RSS EXecutive Committee for adoption.
(4) Clarified that the RSS Representative to the RUSA Organization Committee is and should be a member of the RSS Organization and Planning Committee and should be included in the OPC committee roster.
(5) Referred other outstanding issues to the next OPC for further consideration and/or action: establishment of co-sponsorship with a revised charge of the CODES Dual Assignments Discussion Group (already tentatively approved by CODES), creation of a new committee or discussion group to address electronic reference sources issues, and expansion of the name and charge of the Library Services to the Spanish-Speaking Committee to address broader multicultural issues.

EVALUATION: All objectives for the 2004/5 OPC were substantially accomplished.  A few additional outstanding considerations were referred to the next OPC.

PROBLEMS:  No significant problems in accomplishing the work of the OPC were encountered this year.

RECOMMENDATIONS: The revision in the charge for the Catalog Use Committee and the new RSS Goals and Objectives were acted upon by the RSS Executive Committee at subsequent meetings during the 2005 Annual Conference. No further recommendations of the OPC are outstanding.