Midwinter 2007 Meeting Highlights

COMMITTEE: Organization & Planning



DATES: 1/20/07

EMAIL: brettl@jefferson.lib.co.us

MEMBERS PRESENT: Brett W. Lear, Sarah Jane Hammill, Barbara
J. Mann, David A. Tyckoson, Cindy Levine

MEMBERS ABSENT: Judy Ann Jerabek, Larayne J. Dallas (present,
but was chairing the RSS Management of Reference committee meeting)

VISITORS: Susan J. Beck and Lisa R. Horowitz (Chair and Vice-Chair
of RSS) and Gale S. Etschmaier, chair of the RSS Nominating Committee.

OBJECTIVES: Revise the new chair orientation checklist and
present the training at ALA Annual 2007. Coordinate the RSS all-committee breakfast/reception
with Emerald Publishing. Develop archiving procedures for RSS.

SUMMARY: The committee finalized the Orientation Checklist.
Susan J. Beck will chair the group beginning at Midwinter 2008. The committee
decided that one meeting per conference is sufficient. Cindy Levine and Brett
Lear agreed to write a draft document that will specify archiving procedures
for RSS. Brett Lear and Barbara J. Mann will coordinate the Emerald breakfast
at ALA Annual 2007.

EVALUATION: We successfully created an orientation checklist
and successfully presented this training at the first RSS Executive Committee
meeting at Midwinter. We have already made contact with Emerald Publishing and
will continue to coordinate the breakfast for Annual. We will soon begin drafting
an archiving procedure which will be in draft form by Annual.


RECOMMENDATIONS: None at this time. The archiving procedures
will eventually be presented to the Executive Committee.