2007 Annual Highlights

COMMITTEE: Organization & Planning


CHAIRPERSON: Brett Lear (Past Chair)

DATES: June 23, 2007

EMAIL: brettl@jefferson.lib.co.us

MEMBERS PRESENT: Susan Beck, Larayne Dallas, Sarah Jane Hammill, Judy Ann Jerabek, Brett Lear, Cynthia Levine, Barbara Mann, Mary Strow


VISITORS: Lisa Horowitz, Dave Tyckoson

OBJECTIVES: Produce and provide committee chair orientations at Midwinter and Annual Help coordinate the open house at Annual Revise the charges of the Organization and Planning Committee and the RSS Executive Committee

SUMMARY: Finalized the material for the committee chair orientation Assigned teammates to work on developing RSS archiving procedures Dividing up work on revising the RSS Handbook Began planning for the section review Assigned team members to revise the RSS brochure

EVALUATION: We met our objectives for the year. The chair orientations seem to have been effective.