2007 Annual Meeting Highlights

COMMITTEE: RSS 2008 Nominating Committee


CHAIRPERSON: Gale Etschmaier

DATES: June 23, 2007

EMAIL: gale@gwu.edu

MEMBERS PRESENT: :Gale Etschmaier, Nancy Huling, Brett Lear


VISITORS: Visitors:None

OBJECTIVES: The objective for this committee is to recruit RSS members for the 2008 ballot. The committee is responsible for selecting 2 nominees for each of three RSS positions: Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Member-at-Large, Secretary.

SUMMARY: Members conferred about additional RSS members we should approach to be nominees.

EVALUATION: The committee has successfully recruited four nominees and identified possible names to approach additional nominees. The committee has been very successful because members have been active in RSS and are familiar with active RSS members.

PROBLEMS: Several members declined nomination. We wondered if this is due to library travel funding and reluctance to commit to travel to both ALA meetings. This was a transitional year with the departure of Cathleen Bourdon and it was more challenging to obtain the documents (member roster, ballot instructions, etc.) than in the past. Lisa Horowitz was, however, very helpful and we were able to obtain this information with her assistance.

RECOMMENDATIONS: It would be useful to have one of this year’s members continue on the committee as chair.