MOUSS Executive Committee

Saturday, 25 January 2003
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Present: Diana D. Shonrock (Chair), Gwen Arthur, Gary Cornwell, Anna Donnelly, John Hepner, Mary Hollerich, Lisa Horowitz, Brett Lear, Cynthia Levine, Maira Liriano, Carolyn M. Mulac, Eric Novotny, David Null, Loriene Roy, Ellen Safley, Colleen Seale, Emilie Smart, Bruce Whitham

I. Introductions

The meeting began at 12:30 p.m. with introductions of members and guests.

II. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved.

III. Approval of Minutes, Annual Meeting, Saturday, 15 June 2002

Anna Donnelly moved to accept the minutes as written; Bruce Whitham seconded the motion. All approved the minutes.

III. Announcements: MOUSS Tales

Loriene Roy has assumed the responsibility of writing the 350-word MOUSS TALES column for RUSA Update. She reminded members of the next deadline (3 February 2003) for sending content.

IV. Round Robin Discussion

Colleen Seale announced that the Reference Services in Small & Medium-Sized Libraries Discussion Group was sponsoring a discussion on preparing today’s reference librarian. The event was held on Sunday, January 26, at the Radisson, from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and featured three presenters followed by a group discussion.

David Null, the MOUSS representative to RUSA’s Conference Program Coordinating Committee, reminded those present that programs for ALA 2004 in Orlando will be approved on Saturday, June 21, in Toronto. RUSA/MOUSS submitted 5 proposals in June 2002 and 4 were approved. He noted that if the RUSA/MOUSS Interlibrary Loan Committee becomes a separate RUSA section, then they would be given a quota of program proposals

Gwen Arthur reminded those in attendance that she was running for RUSA Vice-President/President-Elect.

Emilie Smart and Mary Hollerich asked everyone to remind new committee members to complete the MOUSS Committee Volunteer Online Form available on the RUSA Web site. Committee members interested in immediate appointments needed to complete the form by 3 February 2003. Individuals interested in serving as interns must also complete the form, indicating that they wish to serve as interns.

Emilie Smart and Diana Shonrock are MOUSS representatives to the RUSA Organizational Task Force, which has been meeting electronically and at ALA. The Task Force will look at the individual committees of every section to see if there is some distribution that can occur that follow lines of function instead of format. The goal is to create an organizational structure that encourages more people to become active in RUSA and in its sections.

A report of the 27 January 2003 forum on the Future of frontline reference and MOUSS will be submitted to the Task Force by 1 March 2003. A single document to include both the Forum report and additional discussion will be completed by 1 May 2003 and sent to RUSA Executive Committee and RUSA Section Executive Committees to solicit additional comments. The Task Force will hold another meeting in Toronto on Saturday, 21 June 2003, to discuss comments received. The Task Force will then develop a list of final recommendations to submit to the RUSA Board of Directors by ALA Midwinter 2004. The Task Force will disband after presenting its final recommendations. If the RUSA Board wants further study they will send this request to the Organization Committee.

Progress is being made in creating a new Resource Sharing Section in RUSA. There may also be interest in creating new organizational homes for those interested in front line reference and public library reference service; the RUSA membership might welcome such restructuring. RUSA and MOUSS will need to discuss the potential ramifications of creating new sections, including a potential new interlibrary loan section. Any recommendations MOUSS makes to the RUSA Executive Board will be prefaced with an explanation of why we are making such recommendations. Such changes will also be accompanied with marketing efforts to ALA and RUSA membership.

There is some evidence that MARS is willing to make some organizational changes. For example, CODES may assume responsibility for creating the MARS’ annual list of Best Free Reference Web Sites. Due to their strong attachment to their branding and larger membership size, MARS may be less interested in a name change or change of focus. MOUSS may be more amenable to such changes due to its wide focus, extended number of committees, and less attachment to its section name. One potential reorganizational change may be to create a management committee in each section instead of maintaining MOUSS as a separate section. A new name for MOUSS may therefore target reference rather than management. Another reorganization option may be to integrate MOUSS and MARS into one section. MOUSS will ask MARS to put this discussion on their Executive Board agenda. Reorganization in some form may be inevitable.

V. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 12:25 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, Loriene Roy, Secretary