Call to Order

2005 Annual Meeting Minutes Sat. June 25

RUSA/RSS Executive Committee Meeting I


Saturday, June 25, 2005

11:00 am – 12:30 pm, Holiday Inn City CenterSuperior

Chicago, Illinois


Present: Maira Liriano (chair), David Tyckoson, Cynthia Levine, Lisa R. Horowitz, Eric Novotny, Brett Lear, Tim McDonough, Robert Bellinger, Allan M. Kleiman, Anne C. Moore, Susan Ware, David Ward, John Hepner, Joan Ellen Stein, Sarah J. Hammill, Joseph Thompson, Cheryl S. Smith, Carol M. Tobin, Tami Robinson, Scott Garton, Ellen Safley, Wayne Bivens-Tatum, Susan S. Beck, Christy Donaldson, Anne Cottongim, Teresa Omidsalar, Lise Snyder


Maira Liriano asked meeting attendees to briefly introduce themselves.


The following items were added to the agenda:

-reports were added to the agenda by individuals who would be unable to attend the Tuesday meeting:   Research and Statistics, Catalog Use, Hot Topics in Frontline Reference, and Access to Information.

-review of charge of Catalog Use Committee


Several corrections were made to the minutes.   The corrected version was approved.


Preconferences, workshops and programs:

Allan Kleiman, chair of the Library Service to an Aging Population Committee, reported on the pre-White House Conference on Aging Forum, “Libraries, Lifelong Learning, Information and Older Adults.   This event was co-sponsored by RUSA and OLOS (Office for Literacy and Outreach Services), and was held on Friday, June 24, 2005, from 8:30 – 12:30.   The website for this event will remain available through June 2006.   It is linked from the RUSA website, but it was suggested that a link also be added from the RSS website.  Library Journal is planning a fall issue focusing on baby boomers, and a book may be forthcoming.  125 people attended the forum.  A final document is being created for the White House and for ALA Council.


A discussion followed regarding the difficulty of locating committee pages within the ALA website structure.   Maira Liriano will convey this concern to the RUSA Board.


Lisa Horowitz reported on the Preconference – Reinvented Reference: The Integration of Digital and Traditional Reference Services, held Friday, June 24.   About 125 people attended.   The format, which included panel presentations, case studies, and round table discussions, worked well.   The committee talked to MARS about possibly repeating the session in some form in the future.  If this happens, they recommend allocating more time to the afternoon part of the program.


Anne Moore, chair of Catalog Use, presented the committee’s program proposal for Annual 2006:   The Catalog Transformed: From Traditional to Emerging Models of Use.   The committee has been in communication with the MARS Access to User Services committee about co-sponsoring the program.   They hope that this will be a major program focusing on how the catalog interacts with databases and serials, and one-stop search tools.  They want to focus on usability.  


Joe Thompson, co-chair of the joint RSS/MARS Virtual Reference Committee, presented a preliminary proposal for a program on managing challenging users in a virtual reference setting.   Jana Ronan, the co-chair from MARS, has received support from MARS for this idea.   They are still in the process of refining the idea.   Since they are a new committee, it was not possible to submit paperwork according to the prescribed timetable, but planned to have the proposal submitted by Sunday.  The idea of seeking co-sponsorship with the RSS Cooperative Reference committee was suggested. 


A discussion followed about the increased level of membership and participation in RSS committees, in light of the limited number of program slots.   For this year, however, there are only two proposals and two allocated slots.


It was noted that both the Catalog Use program and the Research and Statistics program are being proposed for the same time slot – Sunday 1:30-3:30.   But it was thought that these two programs might not necessarily compete for the same audience, and that avoiding all scheduling conflicts is not feasible.   Catalog Use wants to be sure that they have a two-hour time slot.


The RSS Executive Committee voted to approve both program proposals:   The one from Catalog Use, and the one from the RSS/MARS Virtual Reference Committee.


RSS Website

Tim McDonough, RSS Webmaster, reported on the issue of the ownership of listservs, and the use of security passwords.   Maira Liriano will talk with DonavanVicha, RUSA Web Program Officer, to obtain clarification.


There was a discussion of the status of RSS pages in the website, and the need to present information about the section that is complete, clear, and up-to-date.   McDonough is looking for feedback on needed changes.   Maira Liriano, incoming RSS Vice-Chair, will appoint an advisory task force of 3-4 RSS members.   The charge will be to:  “Evaluate and suggest modifications on improving accessibility of RSS web content.”  The motion to establish this task force was approved.  It will be appointed in July 2005, and will report at Annual 2006.


McDonough reported that ALA is in the process of choosing a new content management system.   Kleiman asked about older information that used to be on the ALA website that is not currently accessible.  Liriano recommending assuming that the older information is probably not being archived.


There was a discussion of the committee pages, and the desirability of providing information about committee activities.   This information can be used not only by committee members, but also by others who are interested in committee activities (including potential new members who are interested in learning about the type of work going on the committee).   Presently, a copy of the Meeting Highlights Form automatically goes to McDonough.   He puts the highlights information on the committee pages.  The committee chair can also submit minutes for the website.


John Hepner, chair of the Organization & Planning Committee, distributed a draft of Goals and Objectives, 2005-2007, and proposed that we discuss additions and changes to the document at the Tuesday meeting.   Once the goals are approved, committees will use it to help them align their projects and activities with RSS goals.


Early reports:


Research and Statistics – see Tuesday minutes


Catalog Use – see Tuesday minutes


Hot Topics in Frontline Reference – see Tuesday minutes


Access to Information – see Tuesday minutes


The new charge for the Catalog Use Committee was approved.   It now reads:

To focus on the use of catalogs and related emerging technologies in reference services including: monitoring significant continuities and changes, identifying and examining critical issues, and providing a forum for discussion of innovations.


Adjourned:   12:35 pm