2004 Annual Meeting Minutes June 26

RUSA/RSS Executive Committee Meeting I   Minutes
  2004 ALA Annual/Orlando
  Saturday, June 26, 2004
  11:30 a.m.    12:30 p.m.
  Sheraton World Resort, Room 203                             
  Present: Mary Hollerich (Chair), Robert J. Bellinger, Wayne Bivens-Tatum,  Jake
  Carlson, Linda Fenster, Scott Garton, John Hepner, Lisa Horowitz, Allan M. Kleiman,
  Lars Leon, Cynthia R. Levine, Maira Liriano, Eric Novotny, Lanell Rabner, Loriene Roy,
  Ellen  Safley, Joan E. Stein, David Tyckoson, and David Ward.
  I. Introductions
  Mary Hollerich opened the meeting at 11:32 a.m. with introductions.
  II. Approval of Agenda
  The agenda was approved.
  III. Approval of Minutes for Saturday, 10 January 2004
  The amended minutes were approved with noted corrections to two personal names.
  IV. Announcements
  The minutes from ALA Midwinter/San Diego indicated that a formal document
  describing the MOUSS reorganization was due by 1 March 2004.  Mary Hollerich
  observed that she did not receive such a document. Maira Liriano noted that the
  MOUSS/RSS Reorganization and Planning Committee was creating several new
  committees and discussion groups and would prepare the charges for these units.
  Scott Garton summarized the status of the conference program proposals received for
  ALA/Chicago 2005. The Executive Board assisted in ranking four program proposals
  after listening to descriptions of them from the representatives of the sponsoring
  committees. The Executive Board ranked the Research and Statistics Committee's
  proposal for the Reference Research Program, an annual showcase of significant
  reference research, as their top conference program choice. The Forum receives a number
  of quality proposals each year and promotion of the Forum as a program has resulted in a
  growing audience. Maira Liriano added that, in the future, RUSA might sponsor the
  Forum and then it would not have to be ranked with other RSS program proposals.
  The Second ranked program proposal was that developed by the Services to Adults
  Committee about services and techniques for training to adults. Robert Bellinger
  described how the program, titled "Back to School: Teaching Information Literacy to
  Adults in Public Libraries, Academic Libraries, and Adult Distance Learning Settings."
  would look at how we train our staffs to do this, how we publicize these services, and
  how we reach our target communities.
  The third ranked program proposal was from the Management of Reference Committee
  and will focus on the recently updated RUSA Guidelines for Behavioral Performance of
  Reference and Information Services Professionals. Behavioral guidelines. David Ward
  described the format of this program that would feature a panel of four or five people
  engaged in a structured discussion. The discussion would not only promote the new
  guidelines but would also provide ideas on how to use them in such activities as training
  and evaluation.
  The fourth ranked program was one presented by the Cooperative Reference Service
  Committee on quality of reference service in cooperatives to cover such aspects as
  policies, scheduling, and resource use. This program might be co-chaired by MARS'
  Virtual Reference Discussion Group. 
  Scott Garton will present these four proposals along with proposals for preconferences to
  the RUSA Conference Coordinating Committee and report back on their status at the
  second Executive Committee meeting in three days. One preconference will focus on
  ILL. Another preconference on integrating digital and traditional reference will be jointly
  organized by RSS and MARS. The Evaluation of Reference and User Services
  Committee discussed a future program proposal on the new definition of reference. This
  Committee decided to postpone this proposal, possibly until ALA/Chicago 2005.
  V. New Business
  Allan Kleiman asked that the Executive Committee support a resolution to ALA Council
  in recognition of the Library Service to an Aging Population Committee's 40th
  anniversary. The Board approved the resolution which will be moved on to the RUSA
  Board agenda. Kleiman added that an article will appear in the fall issue of RUSQ on the
  history of this committee.
  Maira Liriano described the recent action taken by the Organization and Planning
  Committee. They would like to create three  new committees, three new discussion
  groups, and take responsibility for an existing MARS discussion group, the Hot Topics in
  Electronic Reference Discussion Group. The Executive Committee approved presenting
  this plan to the RUSA Board. Discussion of this reorganization will continue at the next
  Executive Committee meeting.
  The meeting adjourned at 12:45.
  Respectfully submitted,
  Loriene Roy
  RSS Secretary