RSS Executive exec Exec Anaheim June 29

RSS Executive Committee Meeting II - Minutes
ALA Annual 2008 - Sunday, June 29, 2008, 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Hilton, CR12 - Anaheim, CA

Executive Committee: Lisa Horowitz [Chair], Judy Solberg [Vice-Chair], Susan Beck [Past Chair], John Hepner [Member-at-Large], Barb Mann [Member-at-Large], Brett Lear [Member-at-Large], Susan Ware [Secretary], Andrew Whittis [Web Advisory]

Agenda was amended & approved. Jan 14 Midwinter minutes were approved.

•  Old Business:

o Web redesign – Andrew Whittis

 Changes to division and section level web pages cannot be made until the overall ALA style is published. Midwinter 2009 is now ALA’s target date.

 Lisa will ask Chris Cieslak to keep the division and section webmasters informed of ALA redesign progress and provide training for division and section trainers and developers. 
 Midwinter 2009 is the target completion date for bringing up ALA Connect on the open source Drupal platform. ALA Connect will support committee use a variety of Web 2.0 applications such as blogs and wikis.

 Committees should send their minutes, handouts, photos, podcasts, and other materials to liven up their web pages to the RSS webmasters at

 Web Advisory Committee proposed making a RSS Facebook page (fan page) maintained by Web Advisory members. Invitations to become fans of RSS will be sent out. ACRL and the ACRL Instruction Section already have fan pages on Facebook.

 Lisa thanked Virginia and Andrew for their work on the RSS pages and their prompt responses to questions and requests to post materials to the web site.

o RUSA Awards – Susan Beck

 RSS approved a proposal to move the Isadore Gilbert Mudge Award, which recognizes distinguished contributions to reference librarianship, from RUSA to RSS. Lisa will submit the proposal to the RUSA Awards Committee before the October deadline.

 A description and selection criteria for the new RSS service achievement award (RSSSAA: Reference Service Section Service Achievement Award) will be drafted based on the MARS “My Favorite Martian” Award criteria. The draft will be distributed via wiki for member comments. Description and selection criteria must be included in a proposal to create the RSSSAA and submitted to the RUSA Awards Committee. The RSSSAA will be presented at the RSS Open House at Annual in the future.

 RSS Organization and Planning Committee proposed a RSS Honor Roll Award that recognizes members who have served on three RSS committees. This was approved by the RSS Executive Committee. The list will appear on the RSS web site. The Honor Roll will begin with the creation of RSS in 2004.

o Process for Midwinter Forum on SWOT Analysis – Judy Solberg
 The Executive Committee will work in small groups at Midwinter on a SWOT analysis to generate new RSS goals and objectives. The results will be presented in a more structured program at the Annual 2009 Open House.

o Section Review
 Section Review notifications were delayed, but should go out soon.

o Closed Meeting
 Ann Brown will be offered a one-year appointment as Member at Large to replace Barb Mann, who was elected as RSS Vice Chair/Chair elect.

• New Business:

o Changes in Meeting Times and Format – Judy Solberg
 Section meeting time changes at Midwinter and Annual may depend on RUSA Board decisions on overall schedule changes.
 Judy proposed limiting committee and discussion group reports at Executive Committee Meeting III to special reports or those requiring action by the RSS Board. Committees and DGs will instead share their reports by posting meeting highlights to the RSS-L listserv, in addition to submitting them to the RSS webmaster for posting to committee/DG web pages.
 Lisa recommended adding a big issue discussion to the Meeting III agenda, and proposed “The New Definition of Reference” as the discussion topic for the upcoming meeting (July 1, 2008). 
 All were in favor of the change, and it will be proposed to the full body at the July 1 meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:30