RSS Executive Exec Anaheim June 28 10:30

RSS Executive Committee Meeting I - Minutes
ALA Annual 2008 - Saturday, June 28, 2008, 10:30 PM – 12:30 PM
Sheraton, Palm BR - Anaheim, CA

Executive Committee: Lisa Horowitz [Chair], Judy Solberg [Vice-Chair], Susan Beck [Past Chair], John Hepner [Member-at-Large], Sarah Hammill [RSS Review Editor], Barb Mann [Member-at-Large], Brett Lear [Member-at-Large], Virginia Cole [Web Advisory], Susan Ware [Secretary] Committees and Discussion Groups: Ann Brown [Marketing and Public Relations for Reference], Kate Silton [Marketing and Public Relations for Reference], Crystal Lentz [Virtual Reference; Performance Issues DG], Paul Victor [User Education and Information Literacy], Laura Gonzales [Library Services to the Spanish Speaking], Amanda Clay Powers [RUSA Information Access], Deb Van Petten [Ethical and Legal Issues DG], Ruby Licona [Evaluation of Reference and User Services], David Vidor [Evaluation of Reference and User Services], Anne Behler [Education and Professional Dev. for Reference], Joseph Yue [Cooperative Reference Services], Wayne Bivens-Tatum [Nominating; Liaison, RUSA Standards & Guidelines], Liane Luckman [Liaison, RUSA Membership], Catherine Brown [Catalog Use], Teri Gallaway [Catalog Use], Amber Meryman [Catalog Use], Emilie Smart [Management of Reference], Suzy Szasz Palmer [Hot Topics in Frontline Reference DG], Jeff Kempe [Services to Adults], Tony Sarmiento [Library Services to an Aging Population], Jessica Moyer [Liaison to RUSA Conference Planning], Joseph Thompson [Virtual Reference], Betsy Park [Management of Reference]

• Welcome, introductions, and announcement of 2008 Annual programs and discussion group sessions.

• New Chairs Orientation was conducted by Judy Solberg, Barb Mann, Brett Lear, Sarah Hammill.

• Jan 12, 2008 minutes were corrected and approved.

• Review of 2009 Conference Planning:
o Proposals were submitted by 3 committees: Library Services to the Spanish Speaking (Spanish Reference Resources for Non-Spanish Speakers); Catalog Use (You Got Me, Do You Like Me?Evaluating Next Gen Catalogs); Services to Adults (When Nice is Too Nice: Disengaging from the Chatty Patron).
o With only two RSS slots available, proposals were prioritized: #1: Library Services to the Spanish Speaking, #2: Services to Adults, #3: Catalog Use. Committees were asked to seek co-sponsors and possibly offer their program in another section’s program slot. Catalog Use will seek co-sponsorship with MARS. Final approvals will be reported at our July 1 meeting.
• 50% Rule: Do we need a conference coordinator?
o 50% Rule: only 50% of section meetings/programs can be held at start times between 10:30am and 1:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. (All-day meetings and 8am-12pm meetings are not included.) The 50% Rule supports the Conference Committee’s green initiative to reduce the number of meeting rooms used. Jessica Moyer was appointed as RSS conference coordinator.

• Joint Web Space:
o Web listings for joint initiatives (RSS and MARS, CODES Dual DG, and others) will point to a joint web space for consistency in reporting and updating and to avoid duplication.
o All web listings of online presentations will point to a common presentation web space

• Names for RSS Service Award:
o Susan Beck led a discussion of potential names for a new RSS service achievement award.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:30