2007 Annual Highlights

COMMITTEE: Executive Committee


CHAIRPERSON: Susan Beck (chair 06-07), Lisa Horowitz (07-08)

DATES: ANNUAL 2007: 6/23, 6/25, and 6/26/07

EMAIL: lisah@mit.edu




OBJECTIVES: New orientation for chairs, approve and discuss guidelines, over conference planning

SUMMARY: We began the meeting with our third annual RSS Open House supported by Emerald Publishing. Organization and Planning presented its first formal orientation process for incoming committee chairs, to be held at each annual conference. A web advisory committee met for the first time, to begin a process of assessing and updating the RSS web site. We spent some time discussing the fate of the Guidelines for Measuring and Assessing Reference Services, which the Executive Committee approved to send to RUSA Board by a vote of 5 to 2. We spent some time discussing whether it was appropriate to sunset the Guidelines for Library Services to Older Adults, and determined that we'd really like the committee to get this revised, because it has value. The committee chair agreed to revise by Thanksgiving, or accept that the guidelines will be sunsetted. The Executive Committee determined that the Mudge Award would be an appropriate award for RSS to administer and will be requesting that it be moved to our section. Susan Beck will pursue that. We also decided to create a "Best in RSS Service" award along the lines of the My Favorite Martian award offered by MARS. Organization and Planning will follow up. Strategic planning included a discussion about membership activities and how to improve support for membership. The upcoming section review was considered. Exec Committee voted to have the past chair and incoming chair act as RSS reps to the RUSA Finance and Planning Committee to provide officers of the section with important knowledge and continuity. The by-laws will be amended. We recommended to Dave Tyckoson to make this a model in all sections. MARS already follows this process. We again discussed the lack of shared web space for our committees and discussion groups that are jointly sponsored.

EVALUATION: Excellent. The section is running well.


RECOMMENDATIONS: Since this was submitted late, recommendations for action are handled elsewhere.