2006 Annual Meeting Minutes (June 24)

RUSA/RSS Executive Committee Meeting I
Saturday, June 24, 2006
Hilton – Compass Room
New Orleans, Louisiana



Present: David Tyckoson (chair), Susan Beck, Cindy Levine, Maira Liriano, Lisa Horowitz, John Hepner, Brett Lear, Allan Kleiman, Anne Moore, Liane Luckman, Melanie Sims, Teresa Omidsalar, Lise Snyder, Christy Donaldson, Gale Etschmaier, Sarah Hammill, Janelle Hedstrom, Nancy Huling, Joseph Thompson, Anne Cottongim, Pamela Morgan, Larayne Dallas, Susan Ware, Greg Crawford

The agenda was approved as amended.
The minutes from the Saturday, January 21, 2006 RSS Executive Committee meeting were approved.

Website Issues
John Hepner gave a report from his subgroup which looked at the RSS website and identified dead links. The committee looked at the draft ALA Website Wish List, a compilation of comments and suggestions made by members during the Midwinter meeting.
? Cindy Levine will forward these suggestions to the RUSA representative on the Web Advisory Committee.

There was a discussion the need for a new RSS webmaster. Tim McDonough’s term is expiring, but may be willing to continue making some website updates until the new webmaster is in place.
? Motion to support the idea of having Lisa go to NMRT in search of a potential RSS webmaster.

Successful Aging @ Your Library
Allan Kleiman gave an overview of the campaign called Successful Aging @ Your Library, being proposed by the Library Services to the Aging Population Committee. The proposal involved receiving $10,000 from the Campaign for America’s Libraries, on the condition that it be matched by $10,000 from RUSA. This would be used as seed money, with hopes of involving other ALA divisions and interested organizations later. There were concerns about the amount of money being requested from the RUSA budget. ? A motion was approved to support the value and worthiness of the concept of the Successful Aging @ Your Library campaign.

New Executive Committee Members
The following individuals were elected:
Vice-Chair – Lisa Horowitz
Secretary – Susan Ware
Member-at-Large – Barbara Mann

Lisa will be leaving the position of Member-at-Large to become vice-chair, leaving that position vacant. Wayne Bivens-Tatem will be appointed to fill out the remainder of the term.

Definition of Reference
The Evaluation of Reference and Users Services committee has been working on a long-term project to redefine reference. This was in response to a suggestion by Cathleen Bourdon due to the revision of NISO standard. The committee did a survey that will feed into their document defining reference work and reference activity.

Part of this document, a concise Definition of Reference, came before RUSA Board. It was discussed online using the new Online Communities software, but without the full background information explaining the context of the definition. After online discussion failed to endorse the new definition, an ad hoc group was appointed by the RUSA chair to work on revising the definition and focusing it more narrowly on defining a “reference transaction.” The revised definition was examined by the RSS Executive Committee.

There was concern on the part of the Evaluation of Reference and User Services Committee that the RUSA Board took the definition out of context and narrowed its scope. ERUS would have preferred to have been briefed on RUSA Board’s reaction to the document and given a chance to address concerns. David Tyckoson will ask the RUSA Board to return documents to the committee of origin whenever they cannot approve them. Editing should be done by the committee, not the RUSA Board.

There was a more general discussion of some philosophical issues relating to defining reference transactions.

? A motion to endorse the definition of a reference transaction produced by the ad hoc RUSA committee was not approved. There were two abstentions.

Future Programs
Two proposed programs from RSS are going before the RUSA Program Committee for 2007:
- Marketing Reference and User Services to Future Friends in Generation-X (Marketing and Public Relations Committee and Services to Adults Committee)
- See It, Hear It, Touch It: How Do Learning Styles Affect Virtual Reference Service? (MARS/RSS Virtual Reference Committee)

The Executive Board met in closed session to select a candidate to be on the ballot as RUSA Representative to IFLA Reference Committee. The group unanimously selected a librarian with considerable international experience, Maud Mundava, from University of Tennessee Libraries.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:10 pm