MOUSS Executive Committee

Midwinter 2000 Meeting Minutes
San Antonio, Texas
January 18, 2000
Menger Hotel – Cavalier

Present: David Null,Chair; Mary Ellen Tyckoson, David Tyckoson, Eric Novotny, Ann Eccles, Wei Ma, Caroline Long, Kathy Green, Carolyn M. Mulac, Naomi Krym, Chuck Dintrone, Linda Thompson, Ina Rimpau, Anna Donnelly, Phelix Hanible, Juleigh Muirhead Clark.

The meeting was brought to order by David Null, and the minutes from the meeting, June 28,1999 were approved.

Changes in the ALA Annual Conference scheduling for 2001 were discussed by Caroline Long. Like programs will be held in close proximity to each other. Committee meetings for each Division will be in close proximity to each other. Each track will have a no conflict exhibit time. Tracks will be assembled based on the program proposals. If programs are very similar the committees will be notified and asked (but not required) to combine. One track will be for late breaking topics. As Conference tracks, etc. start forming, information will be posted on the web. The Committee chairs are asked for preferred times, and the Division staff will assign the time slot. David Null mentioned that the RUSA President’s Program will not have a "sacred" Monday afternoon slot, but assigned a time based on the track it fits into. Kathy Green mentioned that currently the easiest way to find discussion groups (with usually work without a main topic) was through their traditional timing. So this may make an impact on attendance of discussion groups.

A discussion on MOUSS goals and objectives was lead by Kathy Green. She described the discussion of the January 14, 2000 meeting. Committee Chairs should review these Goals and Objectives and see how their current and potential activities fulfill these goals.

David Null gave an update on Annual Conference scheduling: All but three committees are meeting on Saturday morning, 9:30 – 11:30, in Chicago (ILL, Research & Statistics, and Management of Reference).

Committee Reports

Catalog Use, Phelix Hanible -- The committee is working on their program to be held 7/9/00. They are giving the speakers four specific questions to address. MARBI is a co-sponsor. The Committee will also be focusing on how to get more information up on the MOUSS website.

Cooperative Reference, Wei Ma – The Committee is working on a survey on cooperative reference services. The questionnaire is almost ready; they are developing a mailing list and looking into costs and procedures. The Committee is co-sponsoring a program at Annual 2000 with ASCLA,

Reference Service to Diverse Populations.

Evaluation of Reference, Eric Novotny – The Committee will be sponsoring another program at the RUSA Institute in Baltimore, Oct 2000 -- Reference Assessment Programs: Evaluating Current & Future Reference Services will provide the tools needed for assessing and evaluating reference products and services for in-house and remote users, presented by Michael Havener, University of Rhode Island; Marie Radford, associate professor, Pratt Institute, School of Information and Library Science; Matt Saxton, reference librarian, Anaheim Public Library; and Jo Bell Whitlatch, reference librarian, San Jose State University. The Committee is discussing the issue that reference desk statistics are decreasing, but reference activity hasn’t. They would like to bring this up in a discussion group situation, before deciding on how to study the issue.

Fee-based Reference, Anna Donnelly – The committee needs 3 new members for 2001. The new chair will be Gale Etschmaier. The committee has established a liaison with ACRL’s Fee-Based Information Service Centers in Academic Libraries Discussion Group (FISCAL), Chair, Steve Coffman. They may do a program in conjunction with this group in 2001 about how to set up a fee-based services and how to use the web for fee-based services.

Interlibrary Loan, Naomi Krym, -- There will be a public meeting in Chicago (2000) to introduce and discuss a new draft of the ILL Code. The committee is working on telefacsimile / electronic document delivery guidelines; establishing partnerships with the Medical and Law Libraries Associations; and choosing a winner of the new Virginia Boucher Distinguished ILL Librarian Award.

Library Services to an Aging Population, Ann Eccles -- From Homebound to Home Pages: Library Service to Older Adults is the working title of the preconference the committee will present at Annual Conference 2000/Chicago. Focusing on technology, this conference will work with several other divisions in developing the list of speakers.

The ALA Awards Committee voted final approval for a new RUSA/MOUSS Award—The Thorndike Press Bessie Boehm Moore Award—to honor a library that provides an exemplary program of service to older adults. Previously an ALA award, this will now be administered by RUSA. The first award will be given in 2000. The Committee may co-sponsor a program in 2001 with ASCLA Library Service to the Impaired Elderly Forum.

Library Service to the Spanish Speaking, Ina Rimpau – The committee is working on a bibliography of a core Spanish language reference collection and reviewing Spanish language websites to select best ones for reference librarians.

Management of Reference, Rebecca Schreiner-Robles – A written report was read by David Null: The committee discussed plans for a conference program for ALA Annual 2000, focusing on staffing, organizational, and service issues in providing new reference services—both remote and on-site—in the new electronic and networked environment. The tentative title of this program is "Reaching Users and Adding Value to Reference Services in an Electronic Environment." They will also be co-sponsoring a program with LAMA on Core Competencies for Public Service Librarians. This committee has been asked to update the "Behavioral Guidelines for Reference Librarians" for RUSA.

Organization, Ellen Safley -- David Null reported that Ellen is working on a membership brochure to distribute.

Professional Development, Elizabeth Adler

Research and Statistics, Marie Radford – The committee selected three papers from the 19 proposals submitted for presentation at their 5th annual research forum on Saturday, June 26th in New Orleans. Services to Adults, Charles Dintrone – The committee worked on their program plans for Chicago, "Non-Virtual Libraries in a Virtual Age". They plan to have speakers from several backgrounds – technical / virtual, a librarian who has recently built a new building, and a public spaces expert. They are hoping for a publication to come from this program.

The Interlibrary Loan Discussion Group was the only discussion group represented at the meeting. They met and discussed Prospero, ethics and distance education.

RUSA Representatives

Conference Planning, Ann Eccles – Only one RUSA pre-conference program is planned – the History Section’s Genealogy workshop. An electronic form is available for 2001 program planners.

Membership , Mary Parker -- Volunteers to staff the RUSA booth for the Annual Conference are needed.

Organization, Frances Benham –Linda Thompson reported for this committee. The group discussed the ALA Education Assembly. Heretofore, all RUSA committees working with education were to attend. However, the committee feels that it is enough to have one RUSA representative there. Also, there is a new RUSA Guide to Policies (1999) available.

Standards and Guidelines, Carolyn Mulac –The committee discussed ILL Code revision and a Guide for Information Services.

RUSA Board , David Null – David will send an email report.

The was no other business and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Juleigh Muirhead Clark Secretary