MOUSS Executive Committee

Midwinter 2000 Meeting Minutes
San Antonio, Texas
January 15, 2000
Marriott Rivercenter – Conference Room 15

Present: Gary Ives, Eric Novotny, Marilyn Carbonell, Robert Foy, Chuck Dintrone, Frances Benham, Anna Donnelly, Allan M. Kleiman, Carolyn M. Mulac, Ann Eccles, David Tyckoson, David Null, Kathy Green, Juleigh Muirhead Clark

After introductions, the minutes of the June 26, 1999 meeting were approved.

Announcements: Anne Eccles: requests for pre-conferences at San Francisco (2001) must be turned in by Monday. Currently, there are no requests for pre-conferences from

MOUSS committees.
A MOUSS Tales editor is needed. David Null will fill-in for the present.

Anna Donnelly discussed the Fee Based Reference Committee’s proposal for a publication that they would like to publish in RUSA Quarterly. Robert Foy will take it to the RUSA Publications Committee.

Linda Thompson distributed her report on Virtual Committee members (attached). Some of the issues brought up by the group were: How can we involve virtual members in the conference experience? (speaker phones?) Do virtual members get interesting, meaningful tasks or drudge work? How do we find virtual members? (ask State Libraries for recommendations?) Guidelines need to be written – but more experimentation is needed before they can be written. Virtual membership should be re-visited every two years.

Kathy Green asked about RUSA’s involvement with services to persons with disabilities. Anne Eccles answered that the ASCLA ADA Assembly has a RUSA representative, but perhaps we should have a MOUSS representative.

MOUSS meeting times have been under discussion for several years and for Annual 2000 the committees meeting (with a few exceptions) will take place on Saturday morning. Gary Ives, Interlibrary Loan Committee and Discussion Group objected to this timing, because the ILL Discussion Group (with large attendance) has traditionally met on Saturday morning and provides a great beginning for ILL librarians to network and plan for the whole conference experience. It meets prior to the Committee, the Committee members attend it, and they can use the discussion in their Committee planning.