MOUSS Executive Committee

Midwinter 2000 Meeting Minutes
S an Antonio, Texas
January 14, 2000
Four Points Hotel –Taos B

Present: Naomi Krym, Kathy Green, Linda Thompson, Juleigh Muirhead Clark

The MOUSS goals and objectives (document attached) were discussed:

1) Partnerships – ideas discussed are as follows: Official representatives from RUSA should be appointed to the appropriate groups in other librarian organizations. Example: an Interlibrary Loan Committee member goes to Interlibrary Loan committees in the Medical, Law, Research, or Special Libraries Assns.

2) Diversity: Membership should be increased it by 5%. Ideas on how to it: Appoint an ad hoc Membership Committee; Contact African- and Asian- American and Hispanic librarian groups, NMRT, and State Outreach Librarians (who work with public librarians) to get more people involved, especially with the Committee Internship opportunities.

3) Organization and Membership objectives were discussed: Leadership – Training for new Committee Chairs The past chair of MOUSS could organize a New Chairs orientation meeting at Annual Conference, attended by both the New Chair and the out-going Chair of each committee. OR the person would be appointed Committee Chair on their 3rd year on the committee for a one-year term. Then during their 4th year on the committee, (s)he could advise the Chair. Virtual Members Linda Thompson surveyed the people now serving as virtual committee members and the Chairs of these committees. Generally, everyone thought it was a good idea, but communication was difficult. However, it is early days yet, and perhaps communication methods could be altered. For instance, perhaps for part of the committee meeting, the virtual member could take part through use of a speaker phone – the Virtual Committee Member’s library could pay for the call, and ALA for phone hook-up in the Conference Room.

4) Practical Help for Librarians: MOUSS Committee reports should show our progress on this goal.

5) User Information Literacy – Should we do a program in 2001 on this topic?

6) Communication: Listservs could be used to bring people into MOUSS We should review our goals in concert with the ALA 2005 Goals of Diversity, Continuing Education for Librarians, Equity of Access, Intellectual Freedom and Information Literacy.