MOUSS Executive Committee

Midwinter 1999 Meeting Minutes
Saturday, January 29, 1999

Present: Linda Thompson, David Null, Brett Lear, Robert Foy, Gwen Arthur, Eveline Yang, Ellen Safley, Mary Hollerich, Phelix Hanible, Carolyn Mulac, Anne Eccles, Allan Kleiman, Louise Sherby, Barbara D'Angelo, Wei Ma, Janie Silveria, Marilyn Carbonell, Diana Shonrock, Anna Donnelly, John Hepner, Anna Horn, David Tyckoson, Juleigh Clark.

The meeting was called to order at 11:30 by Linda Thompson, Chair.

The group approved the day's agenda and the Annual Conference Minutes as submitted by Sarah Caltveldt, past Secretary.

Announcements: Franca Cerulli Rosen submitted her resignation as Member at Large and Ivan Calimano has been appointed to fill her term (1999-2000).
Anne Eccles, Conference Planning Coordinating Representative, stated that all Pre-Conference 2000 proposals must be submitted to that committee during Midwinter.
ALA Awards Committee approved the following awards to be administered by MOUSS: Bessie Moore Award & the Virginia Boucher / OCLC Distinguished Librarian Award.
Allan Kleiman distributed copies of a pre-conference proposal from the Library Service to an Aging Population Committee.
The program is entitled: "From Homebound to Home Pages: Serving Older Adults in the 21st Century". Allan is looking for possible co-sponsors. The Executive Committee approved this proposal.

Linda Thompson discussed briefly the the ALA Conference Committee document, "Options for the Future". Executive Committee members brought up the following points of discussion:

Transportation (more buses / routes may be needed)
Self-regulation will need to be firm and groups planning to present programs on the same topic will need to cooperate on one program, instead of competing on two.
Will this disenfranchise smaller groups? (especially Round Tables and Discussion Groups)
This is the wrong solution. The organizational structure is what needs to be streamlined, then the streamlining of programs will be the natural result. Linda will keep this issues and questions in mind as she talks to other leaders in RUSA.

Barbara D'Angelo, webmaster for the MOUSS web site, was introduced. She asked for ideas for the web site. Executive Committee members responded with:

  • list of committees / their scope / current projects of the committees
  • a list of officers and their addresses (including email)
  • post minutes from the Discussion Groups
  • draft copies of standards schedule / calendar of meetings and programs
  • volunteer forms that can be submitted electronically and will automatically be sent to the Executive Committee Chair
  • assign a web contact person from each committee who will submit information to the webmaster
  • online template for reports
  • add links within the page to ALA related organizations
  • bylaws
  • RUSA-L is helpful; we don't need a MOUSS listserv
  • copies of handouts from programs, because sometimes they run out at the program
  • How long will the information stay up? Will it be archived and where? Paper archives go to Champaign Urbana; should electronic archives also go there?
The meeting was adjourned at 12:30pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Juleigh Muirhead Clark,