MOUSS Executive Committee

1999 Annual Meeting Minutes
Monday, June 28, 1999
8:00 a.m. -10:00 p.m.
Doubletree Hotel, International Ballroom

Present: Linda Thompson, David Null, Juleigh Clark, Louise Sherby, Ivan Calimano, David Tyckoson, Mary Hollerich, Phelix Hanible, Janie Silveria, Anna Donnelly, Ellen Safley, Barb Mans, Brett Lear, Allan Kleiman, Gwen Arthur, Mary Parker, Anna Horn, Diana Shonrock, Kay Vyhnanek, Anne Eccles, Frances Benham, Robert Foy, Carolyn Mulac, Martha Steele, Ruth Nussbaum, Jeanie Welch; Mary Ellen Huls, Gary Ives (visitors)

Linda Thompson called the meeting to order and asked the group for amendments to the minutes. Two corrections were made. On Feb 1, 1999, under "ILL Committee report" the correct name of the new award is "The Virginia Boucher/OCLC Distinguished ILL Librarian Award" and under "other business"

David Tyckoson began the discussion of LC's program on "Reference Service in a Digital Age".

Linda Thompson announced that virtual committee members will be polled to see whether this method of participating in committee work is effective. The results will be reported at Midwinter.

Allan Kleiman presented a MOUSS scheduling proposal (see attachment). The following points were made during the discussion:

1. If all committees met together at the same time, it gives the section a feeling of cohesion and the ability to talk to each other immediately (if necessary).
2. We should have two models - one for Midwinter, another for Annual Conferences.
3. MOUSS used to have a scheduling coordinator, but it's hard to recruit a willing person for this position. Should this be a function of the members-at-large?
4. Should we skip committee reports in the second Executive Committee meeting and just put them on the web?
5. Attendance at the first meeting of the Executive Committee is required for elected members, but not for the committee chairs. Allan, Linda, David Null and the members-at-large will continue to work on this issue and bring another plan to the Midwinter Conference.

Catalog Use planning a program for 2000 Annual Conference
Cooperative Reference plan to have a committee web page added to the MOUSS web page by January 2000. Are surveying State Libraries to learn about current cooperative reference services; will have form ready by Midwinter.
Evaluation of Reference Planning a program on how to evaluate reference service for the 2nd RUSA Institute Considering methods for updating the Reference Assessment Manual
Fee-Based Reference Services Will complete a bibliography of fee-based reference services by Autumn 99 and are considering methods of publishing it. Planning to revise their committee's charge Plan to co-sponsor a program with FISCAL (discussion group)
ILL Laurence Leon from University of Kansas will be the vice-chair of this Committee
Library Service to an Aging Population Sponsored a well-attended program on multicultural aging adults today Planning a pre-conference program for 2001
Management of Reference Will take ownership and revise the "Behavioral Guidelines for Reference Librarians" as necessary. Are planning a program for 2000
Organization Reviewing MOUSS web pages for continuity, mistakes, etc. Adding guidelines for new committee chairs to the web
Professional Development Elizabeth Ader will be the new chair. Planning a Midwinter discussion on personal learning styles.
Research and Statistics Decided to submit both the Research Review and the Call for Papers 1999 on the RUSA web site.
Services to Adults Co-sponsored a well-attended preconference, "Live at the Library" Planning a program for 2000 Annual Conference.
Virginia Boucher OCLC Distinguished Ill Librarian Award Working on criteria for nominations Nominations will be solicited Fall 1999 The first award will be given at the Annual Conference 2000

ILL Met on Saturday, 8:30-12:30, and discussed ILIAD, vendor reports and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
Performance Issues Met on Saturday morning and discussed roving reference. 60 people attended. Richard Stern is incoming Chair.

Access to Information Sent a representative from the committee to a 3 day Intellectual Freedom meeting in Skokie, IL. Working on a bibliography on Issues in Access to Information
Conference Program Coordinating 10 programs for Annual 2000 were submitted from RUSA sections. All three MOUSS programs were approved. All the others were approved with some amendments especially concerning funds.
Organization CODES report was approved Reference Services to Children has been turned into an ad hoc committee to discuss viability.
Planning/Finance RUSA is doing fine and made money on the first RUSA Institute
Publications Issue discussed -- 5-6 Occasional Papers should be published each year. However, not that many are published. Are reviewing RUSA publication guidelines for clarity Will have a second meeting for potential authors to ask questions Standards and Guidelines Guidelines for Library Service to Hispanics will be placed on the web Guidelines for Library Service to Older Adults were approved (and were also approved by the Executive Committee).

Linda Thompson reported: Second RUSA Institute will be in Baltimore, Oct 12-13, 2000. Work on "Professional Competencies for Reference Librarians" was postponed due to RUSA staff turnover. Work will be continued in the coming year in concert with the MOUSS Professional Development Committee. Links from ALA webpages will be carefullly examined for sensitive material. All ALA groups should have their web page on the ALA web, so some discussion will be taking place about this. RUSA has 14 awards and will soon have 16. Where and when should these be awarded?

David Tyckoson suggested that MOUSS have an official liaison with LC on the LC Digital Reference Initiative. The professional organization needs to be an integral part of this. David Null will take this issue to the RUSA Board.

The group expressed their appreciation for Linda Thompson's work with a round of applause.

Respectfully Submitted, Juleigh Muirhead Clark, Secretary