RUSA Reference Services Section RSS Marketing and Public Relations for Reference 2008 Midwinter Highlights

COMMITTEE: Marketing and Public Relations for Reference Services



DATES: 1/13/08 & 1/14/08


MEMBERSPRESENT: Members present: Ann Brown, Ed Garcia, Kate Silton, Maud Mondava, Meghan Sitar, Jill Stover, Christy Donaldson

MEMBERSABSENT: Members absent: Monica Fusich, Amy Harmon, Sally Harrison, Deborah Katz, Rachael Stark, Collen Lougen

VISITORS: Visitors:

OBJECTIVES: Preparation for our Discussion Group held on 1/14/08. And the goal to use the discussion for future programming

SUMMARY: We created a list of ten prompts for the discussion on 1/14/08. Organized how we would do the presentation. On 1/14/08 we had 45 people attend our lively discussion.

EVALUATION: We've come away with an idea of a pre-conference or institute on the "how-tos" of marketing. As well as a document of ideas based on the prompts that we're hoping to put out for the attendees of the conference as well as members of RUSA to use on effective marketing techniques.

PROBLEMS: Our original message about the discussion group included the wrong room number, something we never caught because it was correct in the Event Planner. Next time we'll need to double check everything!

RECOMMENDATIONS: None at this Time.