2007 Midwinter Joint Meeting with RSS Services to Adults Committee

RSS Marketing and Public Relations for Reference Services
Joint Meeting with RSS Services to Adults committee
Meeting Minutes for January 20, 2007

We met jointly with the RSS Services to Adults committee to talk about our joint program "Future Friends: Marketing Reference and User Services to Generation X" which will take place at Annual in DC on Sunday from 4-5:30pm.

Our speakers will be organizers for the St. Charles Public Library (Illinois) 20's and 30's group, organizers of the Young Friends of Kansas City Public Library group (Kansas), Jenny Levine, and Elisabeth Leonard. Speakers will be asked to bring examples of successful PR for their programs which we may post online. We will market the program using various ploys such at hitting list serves with announcements, getting information onto various blogs and wikis, and creating a bookmark to hand out before the program advertising the program with its time and place on them.

Meghan Sitar will be posting to the conference wiki. Christy Donaldson will be putting together the bookmarks and getting them printed. Tim McDonough will look into getting the program set up to be podcast, and work on creating a "teaser" podcast as an advertisement for the program. Amy Harmon has put together a bibliography that was passed around and will work with other committee members on expanding this into a handout for the program which will include various web resources (members to include Colleen Lougen, Rachael Stark, and other volunteers). Ann Brown will be our on site coordinator since she lives in DC.

Agreed not to have a full committee meeting Saturday am at Midwinter.

Jessica and Christy will attend the Open House part to recruit new members.

Both committees will meet after the program, at 5:30pm Sunday to debrief.

Meghan Sitar volunteered to be the web point person and Ann Brown volunteered to be committee chair for Marketing and Public Relations for Reference Services.

Beth Roberts volunteered to be either the web person or the committee chair for Services to Adults - where ever this is a need.

Submitted by Jessica Moyer and Christy Donaldson