2006 Midwinter Meeting Highlights

COMMITTEE = Marketing and Public Relations for Reference Services


CHAIRPERSON = Christy Donaldson

DATES = 1/21/2006

EMAIL = cdonaldson@montana.edu

MEMBERS_PRESENT = Members present: Christy Donaldson (chair), Ann Brown, Amy Harmon, Marina Salcedo, and Leanne Wells

MEMBERS_ABSENT = Members absent: Monika Antonelli, Amy Chang, Maud Mundava, Susan Neilson, Celia Ross and Rachael Stark

VISITORS = Visitors: n/a

OBJECTIVES = Defining how we will try and fulfill our charge as a new committee over the next two years.

SUMMARY = (summarize discussions, decision reached, follow-up action decided)  We talked about what our committee could accomplish over the next two years and decided on three things.
We are sending a proposal for a program for Annual 2007 forward.  This is a joint proposal with the RSS Services to Adults committee.  Further information on program to follow.  Our committee will be in charge of finding the Marketing speaker and possibly helping to find the other two speakers if necessary.  Ann Brown will be in charge of on-site issues since she is in DC.  We will set up a blog site for the two committees with speaker ideas, a calendar/timeline, the program proposal, and other pertinent information.   The second thing was that we begin the creation of a bibliography which we would post on the RSS website on the topic of marketing and public relations as it relates to Reference Services.  The third and final thing that we decided on is that we would contact all the ALA groups/committees/round tables etc. that relate to marketing and try to get us all together for a joint meeting to find out if there are ways in which we can overlap or ways in which we are overlapping too much.

EVALUATION = We were effective in making a plan for the future of our committee.

PROBLEMS = None so far.

RECOMMENDATIONS = Proposal for a conference program for ALA Annual 2007 to follow.