2005 Midwinter Meeting Highlights

COMMITTEE = Management of Reference



DATES = 1/15/2005 9-11 and 2-4

EMAIL = dh-ward@uiuc.edu

MEMBERS_PRESENT = Members present:David Ward, Maira Liriano, Wayne Bivens-Tatum, Julienne Wood, Larayne Dallas, Susan Beck, Elizabeth Spackman, Louis Vyhnanek, Christine Menard, Pamela Morgan, Jane Fisher

MEMBERS_ABSENT = Members absent:

VISITORS = Visitors:

OBJECTIVES = * Finalize plans for program on revised Behavioral Guidelines at Annual 2005
* Discuss publication opportunities
* Make plans for next big project for group

SUMMARY = In the morning, we discussed possible formats for the Annual 2005 program, and brainstormed on possible topics for our speakers to cover when Discussing the Behavioral Guidelines.  we decided on Remote Reference, Training, and Evaluation as 3 general areas.  We also recommended Wayne Bivens-Tatum as the new chair for the group after Annual 2005.  We also discussed publications opportunities to publisize the new guidelines, and decided to try for a short informational piece in a large publication like American Libraries or Library Journal.

In the afternoon session, we discussed new directions, and decided to pursue creating guidelines and/or tools to help reference managers come up with Strategic Plans to help with reference planning.  Additionally, we discussed the format and content of the program with 2 of the speakers (Jana Ronan and Jo Bell Whitlatch).

EVALUATION = We accomplished all of our major goals for Midwinter 2005.

PROBLEMS = Deciding on a new direction was a little difficult, since no one on the committee is an expert on strategic planning.