2007 Midwinter Meeting

COMMITTEE: Management of Reference

SECTION: Reference Services

CHAIRPERSON: Larayne Dallas

DATES: 1-20&21-2007

EMAIL: Ldallas@mail.utexas.edu

MEMBERS PRESENT: Members present:Nancy Cunningham, Larayne Dallas, Wendy Diamond, Elizabeth (Betsy) Park. Jane Kessler is the committee's virtual member.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Members absent: Elizabeth Doolittle, Kim Leaming, Christine Menard, Pamela Morgan, Christine Stempinski, John Stratton.

VISITORS: Visitors:(at 1-21-2007 meeting): Keith Gresham, John Jessee, Majed Khader.

OBJECTIVES: Evaluate current committee projects (these were identified at Annual 2006) for value to the profession and for being a good match to volunteer workers. Identify and evaluate new project ideas. Decide which projects to pursue, set a work plan, and continue/begin work. Also, work with the LAMA Buildings and Equipment Section's (BES) Library Interiors, Funishings and Equipment (Life) Committee as the RUSA contact for a program at 2007 Annual on the learning commons.

SUMMARY: (summarize discussions, decision reached, follow-up action decided) Members prepared comments to offer to the LAMA BES LIFE Committee on the description for the 20007 Annual program on the learning commons. Members discussed ways to improve committee communication, noting the possibility of conference calls and using deadlines for comments more effectively. The committee's RUSA webpage was noted as an outlet for committee work. Members discussed "Guidelines for Information Services," currently up for review. Access to Information is the reviewing committee, though Management of Reference has interest in the topic. The project asking how service providers use "Guidelines for Behavioral Performance of Reference and Information Service Providers" took on new possibilities. A plan emerged to try to partner with other groups to ask about use of the "Guidelines" in assessment. The Reading list for new managers of reference also seemed to have a useful future; plans for next steps were made.

EVALUATION: The committee does not have new products to offer but did make progress in that direction. The projects seems to have merit and to be worth doing. The liaison efforts with the LAMA BES LIFE Committee seemed successful.

PROBLEMS: Low attendance was disappointing, though expected, given RSVP information. Discussions and work assignments were necessarily limited.