2005 Midwinter Meeting Highlights

COMMITTEE = Library Service to an Aging Population


CHAIRPERSON = Allan M. Kleiman

DATES = 1/15, 1/16, 1/17

EMAIL = Kleiman@aol.com

MEMBERS_PRESENT = Members present: Allan M. Kleiman (Chair),
Barbara Roos, Emilie Smart, Joyce Voss.

MEMBERS_ABSENT = Members absent: Susan Purcell, Howard Zogott,
Richard Bray (Virtual Member, Melissa Abbott, JoAnn Radioli

VISITORS = Visitors: Dina Sherman(LFF), Elizabeth Bingham, Kathy Mayo, Betty Ann Funk, Nancy Pack, Barbra Meisenheimer, Tony Sarmiento, Harvey Bingham, Donna Guiltan, Rachael Stark,
Louise Tseng.

OBJECTIVES = -To coordinate the Pre-White House Conference on Aging Forum for 6/24 in Chicago
-To Update Committee's Web Site
-To Develop closer relationships with OLOS, ASCLA, LSIEF, and PLA on issues relating to older adults
-To Reach out to other library organizations outside the US (CLA and IFLA) to develop a joint conference at IFLA in Quebec in 2008
-To Develop a working relationship with other organizations that are interested in Service to Older Adults (LFF, NCOA, ASA, AARP)
-To Develop a Pre-Conference for 2006 New Orleans (approved by RUSA)

SUMMARY = (summarize discussions, decision reached, follow-up action decided)
The following items were accomplished during the Midwinter Conference:
-Coordinated meeting on Friday 1/14, for ALA's Forum on White House Conference on Aging (attended by 43 persons)
-Worked on Committee's role in that conference
-Met with the Executive Board of ASCLA LSIEF to obtain co-sponsorship of 6/24 event; and discussed the possibility of a joint-committee
-Discussed the 2008 IFLA Conference in Quebec and a pre-conference on Library Service to Older Adults
-Discussed the lack of "aging" in ALA's Graphics (all posters are of younger people)
-Discussed meeting with ALA PIO to develop a Senior Reads Week in May of each year during Older Americans Month
-Looked at revising our committee's charge in the handbook in 2005
-Made a presentation at LIRT on older adults

EVALUATION = Objectives will be evaluated at Annual Conference.


RECOMMENDATIONS = None at this time.