2007 Midwinter Minutes

RUSA RSS Evaluation of Reference and User Services Committee


Saturday, January 20

Seattle, Sheraton Grand Ballroom A
(RSS All Committee Meeting)

The meeting was called to order at approximately 8:30 am.

Members present:
Gregory Crawford, Chair
Jeffrey Belliston
Deborah Costa
Ruby Licona
Colleen Seale
David Vidor
Susan Ware
Emily Rimland

No guests were present.


1. Introductions – members introduced themselves.

2. A sign-in sheet was distributed so that committee members could update their contact information and also to indicate if the wished to continue serving if their term is expiring and if willing to chair).

3. Minutes of both meetings from ALA Annual were distributed, perused, and approved. They will be forwarded to be placed on the Committee’s webpage.

4. Guidelines for Measuring and Assessing Reference and User Services & Resources were discussed and members of the Committee were brought up to date with the recent revisions of the document. The Guidelines, after being sent to the Committee in December, were updated in accord with suggestions provided by Members. The revised Guidelines were then submitted to the RUSA Standards and Guidelines Committee for their review and possible forwarding to the full RUSA executive board. Susan Ware and Greg Crawford will represent the ERUS Committee at the Standards and Guidelines Committee meeting on Sunday, January 21, 2007. The problem is that this meeting conflicts with the ERUS Committee’s meeting at the same date and time. Both Susan and Greg will attend the ERUS meeting briefly before going to the Standards and Guidelines Committee meeting. If the Guidelines are not approved by either the S&G or the RUSA board, the committee voted to not continue their development, but to post them on the RSS website as a committee document with a new title.

5. New Business

a. A Guide to New Members, located on the RSS ERUS webpage, needs to be updated. David Vidor and Ruby Licona volunteered to lead this project.

b. MARS MERS program follow-up – The ERUS was asked to possibly co-sponsor the MARS MERS discussion session at Midwinter and a Virtual Poster Session for Annual. The Chair of ERUS responded favorably to the proposal, but has heard nothing else from the chair of MERS. He will attempt to meet with her at the MARS All Committee meeting on Sunday. In addition, there is a program being sponsored by the LAMA MAES group on survey fatigue. Ruby Locona will attempt to contact that committee to see if they would like ERUS involvement or co-sponsoring.

c. Future directions for Committee were discussed. Previous minutes contain a similar discussion and may provide topics that the Committee may wish to pursue. Other issues raised as possible topics for discussion sessions or for programs include: core competencies for reference or other competencies such as behavioral guidelines; working with other RSS committees, for example, the Virtual Reference Committee on their projects; examining the use of virtual reference in consortia (or not to do it); the quality of virtual reference service; what to do after the survey is completed; tracking of reference transactions. Another suggestion for an action by the Committee is the linking of existing competencies on the Committee’s webpage.

d. The RSS Chair asked that each RSS committee name a member as its webpage representative. Emily Rimland volunteered to act as the ERUS webpage representative. This individual will examine the existing webpage for deficiencies, broken links, items for updating, etc.

Minutes submitted by Gregory Crawford.