2004 Midwinter Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes
January 10, 2004
Ballroom D, San Diego Marriott Marina
9:30 - 11:30 AM
Chair - Jake Carlson, Bucknell University

The RUSA-MOUSS Evaluation of Reference and User Services Committee met as part of the MOUSS All-Committee meeting, Saturday morning.  Members present: Jake Carlson, Barb Mann, Susan Ware, Lanell Rabner, Charles  Stewart, Gordon Aamot, Suzanne Lorimer, Walter Bell, Judy Solberg.  Members absent: Matt Saxton, Claudia Epps-Timmann.  Visitors:  Jill Moriearty (Univ. of Utah), Janice Rice (Univ. of Wisc.)

Jake summarized the meeting agenda and asked for comments. The members approved the agenda.

Introduction of members.

Jake announced that the committee meeting for Sunday would take place in the Marriott exhibit hall, which is a part of the garage, drafty and uncomfortable. Alternative meeting places were suggested it was agreed that the most convenient alternative was the lounge area on the lobby level in the North Tower of the Marriott.

Jake announced a call for articles for a special issue of Reference Librarian having to do with evaluation of reference services.

Barb asked Jake to appeal to MOUSS for improved facilities for future meetings at the annual and midwinter conferences.

Review of the ERUS website:
Some members complained about having to login to some of the links on the website, particularly the committee membership roster. Suggestions for changes to the web page include imbedding the link to the Committee Review Checklist into the Guide for New Members, updating the Guide for New Members, and better placement of the Definitions of Reference Service: A Chronological Bibliography and Guide.  Jake asked for volunteers to monitor new literature on evaluation of reference services and Walter volunteered.  In addition, Jake asked for volunteers to monitor the RUSA National Institute link for journal articles on reference evaluation and  Judy  volunteered. There was discussion of graphics for the ERUS webpage and the target audience for the bibliography. General agreement that the best markets are public and academic librarians.

Guide for New Members:
Jake asked new members for feedback.  Barb pointed out that the current projects list needs to be updated. Jake asked for volunteers to review and evaluation the Guide. Barb agreed to take this feedback and update the Guide.

Publicity/Publication of Reference Definitions Bibliography:
Jake asked for suggestions. Listservs mentioned included RUSA-L, MOUSS-L, Ref-L, BUSLIB and volunteers were solicited to draft the announcement.  Discussion of where to publish the bibliography then ensued. Several members suggested Reference and User Services Quarterly or American Libraries. Barb said that she would talk to RUSA publications.

Orlando Presentation:

Proposed title: A New Definition of Reference. Developing Guidelines for Measuring and Assessing Reference Services in the 21st Century.

Presentation should be publicized on state library association websites possibly 2 or three weeks ahead of time. Barb, Gordon, and Judy volunteered to handle publicity and write up an announcement. Jake said that the committee was planning on about 200 people attending the session. The presenters would provide a blank piece of paper for audience members to provide feedback.

Publication of the survey of reference services on which the presentation is based was discussed.
There was Discussion of equipment for the program and how it should be funded. Barb pointed out that Florida may require payment of labor costs. Jake said he would check with RUSA.

Meeting adjourned with reminder of committee meeting on Sunday to discuss the Reference services survey results and the Orlando program.

Respectfully submitted,
Walter Bell, Lamar University