MOUSS Evaluation of Reference and User Services Committee

Annual 2001 Meeting Minutes, June 16, 2001
(Minutes submitted by Lisa Horowitz in the event that no minutes were submitted by minute-taker.)

Attending: Chris Coleman, Paula Contreras (chair), Michael Havener, Lisa Horowitz, Nancy Skipper, Lou Vyhnanek

Guests: Susan Ware (member for 2001-2003)

1. We discussed the RUSA Institute as a preconference. Someone from RUSA informed us that for a preconference at Toronto, we'd need 18 months lead time. For a program at Toronto, we need 12 months lead time.

2. ARL Spec Kit. Eric Novotny (a former member and chair) has already proposed to do one on ref statistics, on the statistics people use and what they gather. He'll keep us informed.

3. LIBQUAL Studies. Nancy's library has done a lot, Lou's library is possibly considering it. At midwinter, Nancy and possibly Leslie will do a report on the context and implications for our committee.

4. We revisited the idea of doing another midwinter discussion forum. Maybe on standards and guidelines for reference statistics? Although there are conflicts with the ARL e-metrics projects, we could create a set of guidelines to apply to all kinds of libraries.

A subcommittee was appointed to proceed:

- What kind of info would we need to create guidelines?
- Guidelines to inform how we evaluate these services

Subcommittee could contact whomever they like within their own communities to get ideas flowing. Then after we have brainstormed a list of what we want to evaluate, we can try to evaluate what stats we collect vs. what we need.

Chris will lead the subcommittee. They will talk about what do we want to know, what do we evaluate and why. The goal is to have draft guidelines by Toronto.

At midwinter, we'll discuss the possible Toronto program. We'll sponsor a discussion about the draft created by the subcommittee, and get feedback.

Paula will bring the possibility of a discussion forum to MOUSS Board Meeting on Tuesday for approval. Lisa will submit request for space for the forum: Sat., 4:30 - 5:30.

Publicity will be needed separately because might not be in list of meetings.

Steps for guidelines:

1. Committee drafts these.
2. Seek input from the public
3. Submit them to MOUSS Executive Committee and/or Standards and Guidelines Committee.
4. Take to RUSA Executive Board.

5. Meeting times:

Midwinter: Sat. at all-committee meeting; Sun. AM
Annual: Sat. all-committee meeting; Mon. AM

6. RUSA Institute discussion. Should we repeat it? SHould we do a preconference? We discussed how many days it could be if a pre-conference and agreed that 2 days may be too much. We also noted that the Virtual Reference Desk was having a half-day workshop on standards and quality of digital reference by Lankes and McClure.