RUSA Reference Services Section RSS Evaluation of Reference 2008 Midwinter Highlights

COMMITTEE: Evaluation of Reference and User Services



DATES: Sat., 1/12/08 and Sun, 1/13/08


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Carol L. Anderson, Rachel Bridgewater, Deborah D. Costa, Ruby A. Licona, Jeannette Adele Moss, Colleen Seale, Kornelia V. Tancheva, Robert Daniel Vega, David L. Vidor, Susan A. Ware, Emily L. Rimland

MEMBERS ABSENT: Caroline M. Bordinaro, Dana Scott Peterman, Patricia A. Rosseel, Daniela Esparo

VISITORS: Visitors:1 on 1/12 and 14 on 1/13

OBJECTIVES: To disseminate “Measuring and Assessing Reference Services and Resources: A Guide” in order to promote discussion and application.

SUMMARY: (summarize discussions, decision reached, follow-up action decided) On January 12, 2008, the Committee planned for the open forum scheduled for the next day by developing discussion questions on current practices, application of information in the guide, and measuring and assessing reference services in general. The committee had a lively and energetic session identifying discussion topics for the following day. After the meeting Rob Vega submitted information about our open forum that appeared in Cognotes, 1/13/08. Ruby Licona and David Vidor compared notes to “finalize” the wording of the discussion topics/questions before making copies to be distributed the following day.

On January 13, 2008, the open forum was held with 26 participants – 12 committee members and 14 visitors. Each person attending was given a copy of “Measuring and Assessing Reference Services and Resources: A Guide” and the topics/questions developed the day before. The url for the guide was cited as well. Susan Ware and Emily Rimland opened the forum with very brief highlights on the guide and information on a specific evaluation tool, WOREP. Everyone on the committee contributed to the open forum, as facilitators and participants. The visitors expressed appreciation for a document that gave guidance in numerous situations, with feedback on the document being positive. Some visitors expressed interest in attending sessions in which specific assessment (i.e. focus groups) would be explored in depth.

EVALUATION: Very effective -- evidenced by level of interest and energy of committee members and visitors at open forum.