The Discussion Forum on Reference Services in Large Research Libraries and the RUSA-MOUSS Committee on Evaluation of Reference and User Services announce

Sunday, January 14, 2001
"Dolly Madison" Room
at the Madison Hotel, Washington, DC

Some of the topics and issues for discussion:

  • What reference statistics are we keeping, what are we trying to measure, what do we still have trouble measuring?
  • Why are the number of questions we see at the reference desk decreasing?
  • What does the increase in technology related questions tell us?
  • Given the decrease in desk statistics, what statistics can we take that will actually allow us to assess the reference function?

Our panel and our open discussion will address these and other issues


Elaina Norlin, University of Arizona
Preparing for the Information Commons: How the U of A Library Changed its Reference Statistics to Reflect the Integration of "Reference" Electronic Resources with Multimedia Software

Nancy Courtney, Ohio State University
Refocusing Reference Statistics: Redefining Statistics to Measure Time instead of Quantity

Marsha Stevenson, University Library of Notre Dame
Reference Statistics: Slippery But ...