MOUSS Evaluation of Reference and User Services Committee

Midwinter 2000 Meeting Minutes

Members: Eric Novotny (chair), Christopher Coleman, Paula Contreras, Leslie Haas, Mike Havener, Lisa Horowitz (minutes)
Guests: Paula Dempsey, Bob Fernekes, Cindy Pierarch, Margaret Power, Wendy Starkweather, Lou Vyhnanek

- Eric updated us on past activities and welcomed guests.

- Discussion of roster and appointments.


- The committee was asked for reference evaluation articles relating to collecting and analyzing reference desk statistics. Ideas: Carol Tenopir article, libref-l archives, discussion at "big heads" meeting last year in Philadelphia, WOREP. Eric will follow up.

- MOUSS will be scheduling all committee meetings at the same time and place for first meeting. Eric will take committee concerns to MOUSS Executive Committee.

- Meetings at ALA: Saturday, 7/9 9:30-11:30; Sunday, 7/10 2-4

Preparation for RUSA Institute

- Proposal has been submitted. Eric meeting on Sunday with RUSA Institute planners. In Baltimore, Oct. 12-14. Leslie and Paula agreed to co-chair. 1 critical aspect: ensure that the rooms are clearly separated to allow group discussions.

- Publicity. Expand mailings beyond RUSA, use American Libraries, advertise on web pages. Ads must indicate that this is a repeat.

- Structure of program worked well last year. Speakers were well-received. Discuss further at meeting on 1/16.

- Discussed listserv. Many ideas were brought up to deal with the fact that it was not a big hit. No decisions made at this meeting.

Bibliographies/Publications/Web Page

- We won't be able to publish the annotated bibliography separately because it is part of Jo Bell's book. -

Brought up other ideas for publications: RUSA occasional paper? annotated bibliography? review article? guidelines with biblio attached?

- Other projects: clearinghouse of surveys? guidelines on analyzing reference services statistics?

- Ideas for web page: citations, bibliographies, literature reviews, links, clearinghouse for instruments used. Looking for web content "czars" to be responsible for web page content. RUSA will put content on web.

- Eric will investigate a committee membership listserv.