2007 Midwinter Meeting Highlights

COMMITTEE: Evaluation of Reference and User Services Committee

SECTION: Reference Services

CHAIRPERSON: Gregory A. Crawford

DATES: Jan. 20 & 21

EMAIL: gac2@psu.edu

MEMBERS PRESENT: Members present: Gregory A. Crawford, Chair C. Jeffrey Belliston Deborah D. Costa Ruby A. Licona Emily L. Rimland Colleen Seale Robert D. Vega (intern) David L. Vidor Susan A. Ware

MEMBERS ABSENT: Members absent: Caroline Bordinaro Evelyn Greenlaw Patricia Rosseel Jennifer Sweeney

VISITORS: Visitors: Daniéla Esparo Crystal Lentz Samantha Everett Virginia Kinman Lynn Andrews Majed Khader Dana Peterman Susan Neuman Jane Charles Ann Marie Short Jeanette Moss Leslie Warren

OBJECTIVES: Complete the Guidelines for Measuring and Assessing Reference and User Services and Resources and begin planning for future directions of the Committee

SUMMARY: (summarize discussions, decision reached, follow-up action decided) January 20 meeting: Susan Ware and Greg Crawford reported on the most recent edits which had been suggested by members of the Committee of the Guidelines for Measuring and Assessing Reference and User Services and Resources. In new business, David Vidor and Ruby Licona volunteered to update the Guide for New Members document on the Committee’s website that is outdated. We also discussed possible collaboration with the MARS Management of Electronic Resources and Services Committee and the LAMA MAES Committee. Next, Emily Rimland volunteered to be the Committee’s lead person in evaluating the ERUS website. Finally, a discussion of the future direction of the committee was undertaken with a wealth of ideas being generated. January 21 meeting: Greg Crawford reported on his visit with the MARS MERS Committee which would like to collaborate on future projects. Ruby Licona reported that the LAMA MAES Committee would also like to collaborate and she also indicated that there are a variety of ALA, Division, and Section committees that focus on evaluation with whom the ERUS committee could collaborate. Susan Ware and Greg Crawford had to leave the meeting to represent the Committee at the meeting of the RUSA Standards and Guidelines Committee which was examining the new reference guidelines produced by the Committee. Thus, David Vidor led an ongoing discussion of possible future projects for the Committee. Since there were a variety of visitors present, a good discussion was held that resulted in a wide variety of topics that the Committee could pursue.

EVALUATION: Guidelines for Measuring and Assessing Reference and User Services were submitted to the RUSA Standards and Guidelines Committee. Committee began discussions of its future directions, which was helped greatly by the presence of a variety of visitors.


RECOMMENDATIONS: Carefully debate (and accept) the Guidelines for Measuring and Assessing Reference and User Services at Annual!