2005 Midwinter Meeting Minutes 1.16

2005 Midwinter Meeting Minutes 1.16

MINUTES of the RUSA/RSS/Evaluation of Reference and User Services Committee

Meeting Sunday, January 16, 2005, Boston, MA


Attendees—Members:   Chair Barb Mann, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect Jill Moriearty, Walter Bell, Debbie Costa, Steve MacLeod, Judy Solberg, Chip Stewart 

Visiting “Friends:” Jeff Belliston , John Butler, Mia Costa, Michelle Gaskett, David Vidor, Michael Whitchurch


RSS Executive Committee:  Barb gave us news from the previous day’s meeting, emphasizing the launch of RSS in Chicago.


Guidelines:  Susan Ware will continue to shepherd these through the RUSA Standards and Guidelines Committee.


Bibliography (Definition of Reference):  This is currently on our website (http://www.ala.org/ala/rusa/rusaourassoc/rusasections/mouss/moussection/...).  There is now the question of whether to publish.  Walter and Judy had started work on updating, and in addition Debbie and Jeff volunteered to help under the leadership of Steve with the intent of drafting something by Annual.


Brainstorming Future Projects for the Committee:


Possible end products:  programs at Annuals, bibliographies, articles, listservs


Possible topics:


1)      Rightsizing a reference collection:  the future of reference publishing; the mix of print and online; use studies; how to plan; include public libraries.

2)      Virtual Reference and its measurement:  liase with MARS; look at work on the Information Commons, Archives ( Helen Tibbo), and SAILS (metrics).

3)      Management of Ref:  traditional measures and mission statements.

4)      Culture of Assessment:  ways to make it part of our everyday thinking; success stories—Penn State (Eric Novotny) and Wisconsin (WORP and Charles Bunge); other groups doing assessment;  how do we bring the user’s perspective in?

5)      Usage statistics of e-resources:  using GIS to map remote users.

6)      Evaluation of Reference personnel:  core competencies and behavioral guidelines.

7)      Community involvement:  contacting faculty, teach-ins, consultations.

8)      “Disappearing Reference:”  the Google threat; devaluing face-to-face; preference for full text and impatience with just indexes; the levels of reference—various tiers of interest and service.




Respectfully submitted by Chip Stewart, 5.25.05