Conference Call Notes 2 10-27-2006

Education and Professional Development for Reference Committee
Conference Call Notes
October 27, 2006

Present: Shelby Anfenson-Comeau, Anne Behlre, Charlotte Dugan, Valli Hoski, Hilary Kraus, Teresa Omidsalar, Michelle Roubal, Lise Snyder

For purposes of these notes, we’ve grouped the comments below.

- Lise welcomed all participants and everyone introduced themselves.
- Participants were queried about attending ALA Midwinter. Lise, Teresa, Anne, Charlotte, Hilary and Michelle will be at Midwinter.
- Lise reminded members that those who want to continue on the committee after ALA Annual should be on the lookout for an email about volunteering for committees. It will probably be sent out in December/January. Lise will check on this.

The Surveys

- We agreed that the survey results will be a snapshot of practices and experiences at the time the survey is taken.
- We discussed pretesting the surveys. Teresa asked for clarification about this. Charlotte explained that the purpose of administering the surveys to small test groups is to clarify and fine tune the questions. Once we are ready to pretest the survey, we will need to decide how many people should take it. Valli Hoski, Michelle Roybal, and Shelby Anfenson-Comeau volunteered to identify people to take the survey.
- Ann Behler volunteered to look into using Survey Monkey to administer the survey.
- Jennifer suggested (via email) that we add a question to get information about the library and number of staff. We were not sure how to get at this without having several questions. Lise will ask Jennifer for her ideas.
- Bold the words training and orientation throughout both surveys to make the distinction between the two terms clearer.

Librarian Survey
- Incorporate non-MLS reference provider option to Question 1.
- Under Reference Training change Digital reference to read Virtual reference (e.g. IM, chat, email, etc.)

Supervisor Survey
- Discussed changing the survey from “Supervisor” to “Trainer”, but decided against this. Since many libraries do not have a separate/designated trainer, the survey might not get completed.
- Add a question about the educational level of the supervisor: BA/BS, MLS, other Masters, PhD, other? How many years of experience working as a supervisor?
- What kind of training experience or education has the person who does the training received?
- Divide the Supervisor survey into two parts: orientation and reference training (like the librarian survey)
- Divide Question 10 into two parts.
- Add two other questions: If you don’t have a reference training program, why? If you don’t have an orientation program, why?