2007 Annual Meeting Minutes (June 23)

Education and Professional Development for Reference Committee
Meeting Minutes
ALA Annual, Washington D.C.
June 23, 2007


Present: Shelby Anfenson-Comeau, Anne Behler, Charlotte Dugan, Alexandra Rosen Gagne, Valli Hoski, Hilary Kraus, Kate Mossman, Teresa Omidsalar, Michelle Roubal, Lise Snyder, Lynn Thitchener, Lynn Westbrook, Julienne Wood

1. Introductions: Lynn Thitchener is our new intern.

2. Announcements:
Teresa Omidsalar and Lise Snyder will remain on the committee as members, and Kate Mossman and Lynn Westbrook will begin their terms as co-chairs after this conference.

Anne Behler and Hilary Kraus will be virtual members.

Lise Snyder described the ACRL preconference about new employee orientations that she and Teresa attended at ACRL, and distributed extra copies of the packets they received at the program.

Lise Snyder suggested offering a one or two day preconference co-hosted by the various RSS committees/discussion groups interested in librarian orientation and development. It became apparent during the RSS Open House that we are not the only group with this focus.

3. Survey:
Lise Snyder brought us up-to-date on the surveys. Anne Behler brought copies of the first draft of the Supervisors Survey done on Survey Monkey and she walked us through it asking for input. Once changes are made to the Supervisors Survey, then it will be much easier for her to make the same changes to the Librarian Survey.

The remainder of the meeting was spent going through the survey.