RUSA Reference Services Section RSS Education and Professional Development for Reference 2008 Midwinter Minutes

Education & Professional Development for Reference Committee
Midwinter Meeting Minutes
January, 13, 2008
8:00 – 10:00am

Present: Shelby Anfenson-Comeau, Charlotte Dugan, Alexandra Rosen Gagne, Kate Mossman (co-chair), Teresa Omidsalar, Michelle Roubal, Lise Snyder, Lynn Thitchener (intern), Lynn Westbrook (co-chair)

Guests: Debra Van Tassel

I. Introductions

Everyone introduced themselves and Kate Mossman circulated a list to update member contact information

II. Announcements

Kate reminded members to fill out the committee volunteer form by February if they are coming close to the end of their first 2-year appointment.

  • Members can volunteer for a maximum of two, 2-year appointments, for a total of 4 years. Ten members will be rotating off at the close of Annual 2009.
  • The intern position and virtual members are 1-year appointments.
  • The co-chair position is also a 1-year appointment. Lynn Westbrook said she was ready to relinquish the co-chair position if someone was willing to step up. Anne Behler volunteered to co-chair next year.

More announcements:

Teresa Omidslar mentioned that Lorraine Roy, the ALA president this year, needs recommendations/ideas for an initiative to value and recognize efforts/programs/activities that help to create bridges between library master’s programs and learning on the job.

III. Survey

Kate thanked Anne and Lynn W. for their work on the survey.

The members agreed that we will apply the changes to the practitioner survey. Kate Mossman will provide some explanatory text to the header and Shelby noted a few typos in the survey. Anne will make the changes to the survey by the end of the month and either post it to the wiki or send it out to the group. Committee members will then have one week to provide feedback, take the test, and if we see anything amiss, send changes to Lynn W. Lynn W. will sort through the feedback and send to Anne.

  •  There will be two tiers for the survey. Kate Mossman and Lynn Westbrook will send the first tier out to the ALA-supplied list of reference practitioners (broken down by supervisor and practitioner) by mid-to-late February.
  •  A member will be recruited to identify other library-related/library association email lists for the 2nd tier to go out in March. 
  • Anne Behnler will generate a csv file and deliver to Charlotte for demographic data analysis
  • 2-3 members will be recruited to analyze the open-ended survey questions for patterns
  • Aim to have data analysis done by the end of May
  • Findings will be shared at Annual

IV. Bibliography

Kate mentioned that the scope of the current bibliography is very broad and asked whether we should narrow the list to the top ten. The members exchanged ideas for how to organize the bibliography. Charlotte Dugan agreed to take a look at organizing/subdividing by topic.

V. Wiki

Alex created a Wetpaint wiki space for the committee. We determined that we will leave the wiki open, so that members will not have to log in. If this causes a problem, Alex will close the wiki and enroll members.

  • The url for the wiki is
  • Alex will check to see if WetPaint provides an RSS feed.
  • Lynn T. will send a draft of the meeting minutes to the wiki, for comments and corrections.
  • Lynn W. asked the members if we had any ideas for Lorraine Roy’s initiative, above. We discussed grassroots, continuing education initiatives that are delivered to a wide audience (i.e., freely available on the web). Alex will create a space on the wiki for additional thoughts and suggestions.

Submitted by Lynn Thitchener