RUSA Reference Services Section RSS Education and Professional Development for Reference 2008 Midwinter Hightlights

COMMITTEE: Education and Professional Development for Reference


CHAIRPERSON: Kate Mossman & Lynn Westbrook

DATES: 1/13/2008


MEMBERS PRESENT: Members present: Shelby Anfenson-Comeau, Charlotte Dugan, Alexandra Rosen Gagne, Kate Mossman (co-chair), Teresa Omidsalar, Michelle Roubal, Lise Snyder, Lynn Thitchener (intern), Lynn Westbrook (co-chair)

MEMBERS ABSENT: Members absent: Jennifer Sweeney, Valli Hoski, Julienne Wood

VISITORS: Visitors: Betsy Jayasuriya

OBJECTIVES: Our primary objective is to distribute and analyze the results of a survey that will measure the levels of reference training as well as orientation, that is offered in libraries. We will also strive to be an information source for those looking to design staff development programs.

SUMMARY: The committee will make minor changes to each survey, after which they will be ready to distribute. Distribution will take place in February, with analysis finished by the end of May (just in time for Annual). The group will also re-work their exisiting annotated bibliography of staff development articles, paring it down to the best of the most recent publications.

EVALUATION: This committee is populated with very dedicated members. Its work is moving along very effectively.