2006 Midwinter Meeting Highlights

COMMITTEE =  Education and Professional Development for Reference Committee


CHAIRPERSON = Teresa Omidsalar and Lise Snyder

DATES = 1/21/2006

EMAIL = tomidsa@calstatela.edu  lsnyder@library.ucla.edu

MEMBERS_PRESENT = Members present:
Shelby Anfenson-Comeau, Charlotte Dugan, Valli Hoski, Hilary Kraus, Elizabeth Leonard, Katherine Mossman, Teresa Omidsalar, Michelle Roubal,
Lise Snyder, Leslie Sult, Lynn Westbrook


MEMBERS_ABSENT = Members absent: None

VISITORS = Visitors: None

OBJECTIVES = Development orientation and mentoring/coaching program guidelines/best practices for new to job/position reference service providers. Steps we are taking:
review the literature; survey new reference service providers and their supervisors about current orientation and training experiences/programs; check to see if other ALA divisions have developed guidelines for orientations.

SUMMARY = Reviewed progress of committee working groups focusing on the tasks outlined above.  Each group presented the work they had completed to date, the committee then discussed next steps.  These include developing a single survey instrument for both service providers and their supervisors and working with ALA on survey adminstration.  Refined focus literature review. Reviewed document showing work of other ALA divisions.

EVALUATION = This was the committees first meeting unable to evaluate at this time.

PROBLEMS = None really although the committee wasn't too happy about meeting at 8 am.