Cooperative Reference Service


Cooperative reference service extends a library's information service capability through interaction with other libraries or information centers. It is a process through which information assistance is provided, at least in part, by referring the user or the user's question to library/information personnel at another institution according to a system of formally established protocols. The purpose of the committee is to study, promote, and support cooperative reference service at all levels.

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Past Programs and Preconferences

Marketing Virtual Reference: Consortium Models (2003 Annual Conference Program)

Your, Mine, and Ours: Quality of Service in Cooperative Virtual Reference
(2005 Annual Conference Program)

Abuse is in the Eyes of the Beholder: Managing Challenging Users in Chat Virtual Reference
(2006 Annual Conference Co-Sponsored Program)

See it, Hear it, Touch it: How Do Learning Styles Affect Virtual Reference Service?
(2007 Annual Conference Co-Sponsored Program)

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Guidelines for Cooperative Reference Services