Cooperative Reference Services Committee Bibliography

TITLE: Cooperative reference services and the referred reference question: an annotated bibliography1983-1994.
AUTHOR(S): Hogan, Donna R.
PUBLICATION: Reference Services Review,v. 24 nol ('96) p. 57-64+
NOTES: bibliography, P. 57-64+, article, English
ISSN: 0090-7324
SUBJECTS: Networks of libraries, Reference services. I Library science literature, Bibliography. Reference services, Bibliography. Bibliography divided into sections: Issues and Trends; Cooperative Systems Including Reference QuestionReferrals; Reference Question Referral Services; Organizational Guidelines, Protocols, and Services for Cooperatives; Evaluation.

TITLE: Reference Service: An Annotated Bibliographic Guide, Supplement 1976-1982
AUTHOR(S): Murfm, Marjorie E.
PUBLICATION INFORMATION: Littleton, Colo.: Libraries Unlimited, 1984
SUBJECT(S): Reference Services(Libraries)--Bibliography Chapter 13 is entitled "Cooperative Reference/Information Services."

GENERAL INFORMATION TITLE: Cooperative reference service.
AUTHOR(S): Orgren, Carl F., 1937-
PUBLICATION: The Reference Librarian, no43 ('94) p. 63-70
NOTES: feature article, P. 63-70, bibl., article, English
ISSN: 0276-3877
SUBJECTS: Networks of libraries, Reference services. Discusses the concepts and facets of cooperative reference including a def'mition, explanation of the needfor such a service, varieties of structure, staffing, and funding, technology involved, and the author's conclusions.

TITLE: Minimum Standards, Maximum Effect
AUTHOR(S): Goulding, Mary
PUBLICATION: Library Administration and Management, v. 6, no. 3 (summer '92) p. 122-125 Discusses standards for staffand sources; procedures for non-compliance; implementation; and evaluation.

Cooperative Reference Services Projects and Programs

TITLE: Cooperative reference service for rural Illinois. (in the Shawnee Library System)
AUTHOR(S): Mathias, Linda.
PUBLICATION: Illinois Libraries, v. 71 (Jan. '89) p. 11-17
NOTES: feature article, p. 11-17, article, English
ISSN: 0019-2104
SUBJECTS:Shawnee Library System (Carterville, II1.) I Cooperative library systems, Reference services. I Rural libraries, Illinois. I Rural libraries, Reference services. The Cooperative Reference Service for Rural Illinois project is examined by the Project Librarian.

TITLE: Ethical issues facing reference service providers in a cooperative state-wide multi-type library network. (in Louisiana)
AUTHOR(S): Heriard, Robert.
PUBLICATION: LLA Bulletin, v. 58 (Summer '95)p. 10-14
NOTES: feature article, P. 10-14, article, English
ISSN: 0024-6867
SUBJECTS: Ethics. Networks of libraries, Reference services. Networks of libraries, Louisiana. Article not received in order to be read and annotated.

TITLE: Community networks in libraries: a case study of the Freenet P.A.T.H. (Public Access to Heartland in the Illinois Valley Library System)
AUTHOR(S): Geffert, Bryn.
PUBLICATION: Public Libraries, v. 32 (Mar./Apr. '93) p. 91-9
NOTES: feature article, p. 91-9, charts., article, English
ISSN: 0163-5506 SUBJECTS: Illinois Valley Library System (Pekin, I11.). Cooperative library systems, Reference services. Information systems, Special subjects - Community resources. Reference services, Automation. I Telereference systems, Case studies. Reference services, Illinois. Discusses benefits of community online systems in general. Discusses the benefits and pitfalls of the Heartland Freenet of the Illinois Valley Library System in particular.

TITLE: InfoHealth: community health service at Kingston Public Library. (initiated by the Kingston Area Health Librarians Association in 1984)
AUTHOR(S): Defoe, Deborah.
PUBLICATION: Canadian Library Journal, v. 48 (Oct. '9 I) p. 340-3 NOTES: feature article, P. 340-3, article, English
ISSN: 0008-4352
SUBJECTS: Kingston Public Library. Networks of libraries, History. Networks of libraries, Canada. Information services, Special subjects - Health sciences. Information services, Canada. Public libraries, Reference services. Discusses, in detail, how this system was established and maintained.

TITLE: Resource Arkansas. (multitype library project)
AUTHOR(S): Bullard, Betty Ann.
PUBLICATION: Arkansas Libraries, v. 48 (June '91) p. 14-15
NOTES: feature article, P. 14-15, article, English
ISSN: 0004-184X
SUBJECTS: Networks of libraries, Arkansas. Networks of libraries, Reference services. Gives a brief description of six different multi-type library projects in the state of Arkansas which comprise the Resource Arkansas project.

TITLE: Experimenting with reference referral in a multitype environment. (five California libraries that do not belong to a multitype network create an informal one of their own)
AUTHOR(S): Dunn, Kathleen K., White, Myra.
PUBLICATION: College & Research Libraries News, v. 52 no. 6 (June '91) p. 363-5
NOTES: feature article, p. 363-5, article, English
ISSN: 0099-0086
SUBJECTS: Networks of libraries, Reference services. Networks of libraries, California. Discusses how two public libraries, one high school library, one college library, and one university library in southern California established a reference referral program.

TITLE: Reference librarians' round table: a multitype network for improved reference service. (in the Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, metropolitan area)
AUTHOR(S): Thomas, Marcia L., Logsdon, Loft.
PUBLICATION: Public Libraries, v. 29 (Jan./Feb. '90) p. 32-4
NOTES: feature article, P. 32-4, il pors., article, English
ISSN: 0163- 5506
SUBJECTS: Networks of libraries, Illinois. Networks of libraries, Reference services. Discusses how six public libraries, two special libraries, two academic libraries, and one system library in the Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, area established and maintained a cooperative reference service program.

ALA COOPERATIVE REFERENCE SERVICES COMMITTEE TITLE: Cooperative reference services committee. (developing a standard cooperative reference form)
AUTHOR(S): Dustin, M. J.
PUBLICATION: RQ, 24(Spring '85) p. 279-82
NOTES: feature article, p. 279-82, il., article, English
ISSN: 0033-7072
SUBJECTS: American Library Association., Cooperative Reference Service Committee. Library records. Reference services. Discusses the history, purpose, and use of the Information Request Form developed by the Cooperative Reference Services Committee.

TITLE: RASD's new interlibrary reference request form.
PUBLICATION: American Libraries, v. 16 (May '85) p. 298-9
NOTES: feature article, P. 298-9, il., article, English,
ISSN: 0002-9769
SUBJECTS: American Library Association., Cooperative Reference Service Committee. Reference services. I Library records. Description and example of a completed Information Request Form.

TITLE: Cooperative reference services policy manual: a model outline.
AUTHOR(S): American Library Association.
PUBLICATION: RQ, v. 35 (Winter '95) p. 195-202
NOTES: feature article, P. 195-202., article, English
ISSN: 0033-7072
SUBJECTS: Reference services, Policy statements. Outline of the framework of topics considered for inclusion in a cooperative reference services policy manual. (Prepared by: Barb Mann, Reference Librarian, Robert W. Woodruff Library, Emory University 01/99)