MOUSS Cooperative Reference Services Committee

Midwinter 2001 Meeting Minutes
January 13, 2001
Washington, DC

The Cooperative Reference Services Committee met on Saturday, January 13, 2001, during the American Library Association's Midwinter Meeting in Washington, DC., from 9:30-11 AM in the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel.

All members of the committee were in attendance: Wei Ma, Barb Mann, Bruce Whitham, Susan Curtis, Lace Keaton, Gary Church, Laura Dale Bischof, and Curley Jones.

The minutes from the Committee's meeting during ALA Annual on July 8, 2000, were approved as written, Wei reported that there had not been any updates added to the Committee's webpage.

Barb reported on the survey results thus far. Of the 23 recipients, identified from the International Coalition of Library Consortia membership list, we received responses from 13 consortia. Of these 13, 7 actually completed the survey (Appalachian Library Information Cooperative, Big 12 Plus, Chicago Library System, Fenway Library Consortium, Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority, Kentucky Commonwealth Virtual Library, and MINITEX). The 6 remaining replied that they did not have a cooperative reference component (Michigan Library Consortium, Nashville Area Library Alliance, Tenn-Share, TexShare, Triangle Research Libraries Network, and University System of Maryland).

It was decided that Barb will re-submit the survey to those who did not respond, respectfully requesting that their input is very important. To further emphasize this, Barb will include the results received thus far. This will be sent out no later than January 27 with a month return time. If there is still no response, Barb will follow up with a phone call.

When all the results are finally in, Barb and Susan will draft the initial article, which will then be submitted electronically to the committee for additional writing and editing. The goal is to have the finished product completed by Annual for submission. The article will be submitted to Reference and User Services Quarterly for possible publication.

Wei then introduced the new chairs, Susan Curtis and Bruce Whitham. After discussion it was decided, in order to maintain continuity, that instead of co-chairs, Susan will serve as Chair and Bruce will assume the Chair-Elect position.

Under New Business, Wei began a discussion of digital reference collaboration issue and asked the members of the committee to start exploring and see there is anything the Committee could possibly do to help promote the new trend. It was also decided that the Committee will determine whether the "Guidelines for Cooperative Reference Services Policy Manual" should be revised. Lastly, the Committee will also focus on recruiting new members.

The meeting was adjourned at 10: 45 AM.

Respectfully submitted, Barb Mann, Co-Chair