MOUSS Cooperative Reference Services Committee

Annual 2001 Meeting Minutes
June 16, 2001
San Francisco, CA
Renaissance Parc Fifty-Five

The Cooperative Reference Services Committee met on Saturday, June 16, 2001, in the Barcelona II Room of the Renaissance Parc Fifty-Five as part of the MOUSS All Committees Meeting. The meeting began at 9: 45. In attendance were Susan Curtis, Gary Church, Lace Keaton, Wei Ma, Barb Mann, and Bruce Whitham. Absent were Laura Dale Bischof and Curley Jones.

Wei Ma, co-chair of the committee, began the meeting with welcome and announcements. Wei and Barb Mann will be stepping down as co-chairs after this meeting as their terms have ended. Both have also served the maximum number of years on this committee and will, therefore, be rotating off.

The minutes from the midwinter meeting held on January 13, 2001, were approved as written.

The next item of business was the final approval of the article. A discussion ensued as to whether information on current initiatives should be included in the abstract. It was decided that this article is a "snapshot" of what we discovered over the course of the project and therefore would only include that information. Barb will follow the RUSA publications instructions and submit the article to Reference and Users Services Quarterly by the end of the week or beginning of the following week after returning from ALA.

The committee's webpage was then discussed. It was decided that a citation to the article would not be added until the article is published. Also, the 1999 annual meeting minutes are missing from the archives section. Susan Curtis, as the incoming chair, will see to this addition.

A discussion of current cooperative reference initiatives was next on the agenda. The CDRS (Collaborative Digital Reference Service) project of the Library of Congress was the particular focus. Issues of copyright and geography present problems, especially in regard to consortial agreements. Questions of how to promote these services were raised.

The final order of business was new projects for the committee. The idea of a web page of cooperative reference initiatives was raised. However, this task seemed too daunting, as it would require constant updating. A suggestion of a possible program for annual 2003 was suggested. This program would focus on the promotion of cooperative reference services. Possible speakers include those with marketing experience. The committee was interested in pursuing this topic and further discussion will ensue at the midwinter 2002 meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barb Mann, co-chair