2007 Midwinter Meeting Highlights

COMMITTEE: Cooperative Reference Services Committee


CHAIRPERSON: Linda S. Harris

DATES: January 20, 2007

EMAIL: lharris@uab.edu

MEMBERSPRESENT: Members present: Elaine Coppola, Linda Harris, Barbara Morland, Niyati Pandya, Carolyn Strickland, Joe Thompson, Joseph Yue

MEMBERSABSENT: Members absent: Elisabeth Anghel, Maureen Brunsdale

VISITORS: Visitors: Julie Strange

OBJECTIVES: The committee sponsored a 2006 program with the Virtual Reference Committee and planned a program for summer 2007 on learning styles.

SUMMARY: (summarize discussions, decision reached, follow-up action decided) We discussed the summer 2006 program "Abuse is in the Eye of the Beholder: Managing Challenging Users in Chat Virtual Reference". The program was a success. A meeting for summer 2007 is planned, "See It, Hear It, Touch It: How Do Learning & Communication Styles Affect Virtual Reference Service?". We discussed the format for the planned three speaker program and decided to have a facilitator. We also had a discussion of the Library of Congress' role in reference question referral and the current system of reference referrals. A future program may be planned on the subject of cooperative referral systems.

EVALUATION: The committee successfully accomplished its objectives.

PROBLEMS: The committee members did not encounter problems.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Forms were completed for the 2008 program and submitted at the RSS Executive Committee meeting.