2006 Midwinter Meeting

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Midwinter 2006 San Antonio

Preparation for program at Annual 2006 New Orleans:
Catalog Use met twice at Midwinter 2006 in San Antonio, spending 3 hours preparing for our major program to be presented at Annual 2006 in New Orleans. The program titled "Catalog Transformed: From Traditional to Emerging Models of Use” will be jointly sponsored with the RUSA/MARS User Access to Services Committee. The program will take place on Sunday, June 25, from 4-5:30 p.m. We have reserved a theater-style room with a capacity of 300 people.

The panel has been presented with a set of questions to assist them in preparing their comments on the future of the catalog from the user, reference, instructional, technological, and staffing perspectives. The speakers will analyze topics such as googlization, federated searching, unbundling, and single-search interface from philosophical and practical approaches. Attendees will participate in a Q & A session and receive a bibliography of relevant sources.
Speaker 1: Andrew Pace, Head, Systems, NCSU; Columnist, Technically Speaking, American Libraries (15 minutes)
Speaker 2: Cindy Levine, Reference Librarian for the Humanities, NCSU (10 mins.)
Speaker 3: John Blyberg, Network Administrator and Lead Developer, Ann Arbor Public Library (pending funding) (10 mins.)
Speaker 4: Jina Wakimoto, Head of Cataloging, University of Colorado Boulder (10 mins.)
Speaker 5: Jill Newby, English Language Literature & Writing Librarian, University of Arizona (10 mins.)

At the meetings in San Antonio, the Committee assigned tasks to prepare for the program, decided to use our questions as background thinking points for our speakers (but to let them prepare their own comments), affirmed that one committee member will conduct the communications with a speaker, revised the questions, and discussed the bibliography to support the event.

Anne C. Moore attended the Sunday meeting of our joint sponsor RUSA/MARS User Access to Services Committee to gather their input. User Access to Services meets at the time of our “Catalog Transformed” program, but they will attempt to send a couple of committee members to attend the program. They will assist with publicity, speaker question development, and the bibliography.

Committee membership status:
We presently have 10 committee members, which is a good number. Eight members will rotate off after Annual 2006; however, five are eligible to volunteer for a second two-year term. Three must rotate off as they have served four years. As long as all five who are eligible volunteer for a second term, we need three new members appointed.

If Liane Luckman becomes chair of the Committee after Annual 2006, she will only have 1 year as chair. We decided that Anne C. Moore and Liane Luckman would serve as co-chairs this year (2005-2006).

Future committee activities:
• Web-based bibliography of sources and/or blog related to the “Catalog Transformed” program.