2007 Midwinter

COMMITTEE = Catalog Use

SECTION = Reference Services

CHAIRPERSON = Liane Luckman

DATES = 1/20, 1/22

EMAIL = lianel@stedwards.edu

MEMBERS PRESENT = Liane Luckman, Cathy Brown, Teri Oaks Galloway, Tiffany Hebb

MEMBERS ABSENT = Amber Meryman, Laura Zupko, Emily Edwards, Pamela Morgan

VISITORS = Steve Ostrem

OBJECTIVES = Plan next program or informal discussion to take place at Midwinter 2008 or Annual 2008.

SUMMARY = Chair position open: Bau-Chu Chang has resigned from the committee. She was to be the next Chair after annual. We decided that Cathy Brown and Amber Meryman, two senior committee members, might be good Co-Chairs. Amber was absent, so Cathy would email her to ask.

Program Planning: We discussed ideas for either an informal program to take place at Midwinter 2008. This would be in a jigsaw-discussion model, and cover multiple topics such as Learning the Lingo: How to Talk to your Systems Library; The Average Library: Creative and Realistic Ideas for your Library Catalog; and Working Together: Catalogers and Reference Librarians. We had trouble coming up with a name for the whole program, and will have to continue to work on that.

EVALUATION = We did a great job coming up with ideas in a short period of time. Our new members are enthusiastic and bright. Our ideas were enthusiastically received by the RSS Board.

PROBLEMS = There were several people who were unable to attend, so we weren't able to get the entire committee involved.