2007 Annual Meeting (June 23)

RUSA RSS Catalog Use Committee
ALA Annual Conference, 2007
Committee meeting in all-RSS meeting

Saturday, June 23, 2007 - 8 a.m.
Hotel Washington

Liane Luckman (chair)
Cathy Brown
Amber Meryman
Laura Zupko
Tiffany Hebb
Pam Morgan
Loisann White
Pamela Harpel-Burke
Teri Oaks Gallaway (intern)


Liane went over some business matters:

The roster needs to be cleaned up and double-checked by everyone on the committee. If anyone’s information is incorrect, they need to update their contact info themselves, by logging into the ALA website if possible. Check terms, etc. as well.

Lois White is a new committee member, who will officially be joining us after Annual. The incoming chairs will be Cathy Brown and Amber Meryman, until after Annual 2008. Terry Oaks Gallaway has agreed to serve as RSS web liaison.

Our charge - the committee revised it at one of the past meeting, and it is updated in some of the ALA pages, but not consistently in all. Teri, who is the web liaison for the committee, will contact the appropriate person to get the charge updated on all pages.

Committee size - ideally we would want about 10-12, with a couple virtual.

There was time set aside in the all-RSS portion of the committee where committee chairs introduced themselves and what their committees were all about. There are also sub-committees and discussion groups, which fall outside the more stringent guidelines for official RSS committees.

Liane recommended everyone on Catalog Use join the NGC4Lib listserv. (http://listserv.nd.edu/archives/ngc4lib.html) Amber and Cathy at least will join, and will send out information about signing up. The list was a good source of ALA programs related to our charge that we might want to visit. There was some discussion of programs and who would attend. The LITA Next Generation Catalog Interest Group was having a meeting Saturday afternoon, and Teri and Cathy indicated they would attend. There was a meeting about using OCLC’s WorldCat.org as your catalog - Pamela Harpel-Burke said she was planning on attending. Also of possible interest were the LITA top tech trends, a session on Penn Tags, and one on information seeking behavior. As usual, we will discuss the interesting programs and how they relate to our group on Monday.

Possible program planning for Midwinter and/or Annual - we missed the deadline for Annual 2008. The deadline to reserve a room for a “discussion forum” for Midwinter is October. We cannot have an actual “program” during Midwinter, but we can have a discussion forum, and can even have a panel. We also discussed a possible program for Annual 2009, as the deadline is after Midwinter, in May 2008.

We brainstormed a bit about some ideas for programs and who we may be able to partner with, in RSS maybe? There is the Hot Topics group, Evaluating Reference, and the Reference Services in Large Research Libraries Discussion Group. (We had a visitor from this last one at our table—incoming chair Denise Shorey.)

Transaction logs, user experience studies - how to evaluate user experiences with logs
Tech services’ people and public desks - communication and the blended librarian
WorldCat and Google Scholar, as well as Amazon, Facebook, MySpace, etc. - how to use these and learn from them
Focus groups, user group studies
IFLA report/recommendations for OPAC displays
Federated search update -- the committee did a program a while back (2003) on Federated search and it might be time for an update? It’s hard to do without talking about specific products, like a review - controversial last time.
Web 2.0 stuff - RSS feeds from the catalog, search alerts, reviews, tagging, others?
The bibliography/blog
Catalog for all ages
Should you have to teach the catalog?
Different catalogs for different folks
More than one way to find a book
The catalog: teaching, pushing, adapting
Role of the catalog today
Put some lipstick on your pig
Making your catalog sticky

Lots of ideas, and we adjourned until Monday.